‘Pensionless Pensioner’ Brands UK Government Most Brutal ‘Regime’ In Living Memory

Lizzie Cornish.

Lizzie Cornish.

This is how the Conservative Government – that pensioners are being led to believe supports them – treats those who haven’t yet reached pension age.

The reason they aren’t at pension age yet is, the Conservative Government keeps pushing that date back.

How are they supposed to survive?

It seems they aren’t, as this blog from Lizzie Cornish illustrates very well:

I guess we all have to die of something….but…I never, in my wildest dreams, ever imagined that I might die from having my pension removed for SIX YEARS by the most brutal, evil and repugnant government, nay, not government, but ‘regime’, ever to have ruled Britain in my lifetime.

It is April, 2016 and I am 61 years old. I have now lived without my pension for over one whole year. I will NOT be able to live without it for another year, let alone the *further* FIVE YEARS I’ve been ‘sentenced’ to by Millionaire Ministers who do not care if we live, or die.

I am just one of millions of women born in the 1950s who have had their pensions denied to them at 60, for SIX YEARS. 60 is the age we have lived our lives being told would be our retirement age.

In 1995 it was decided women’s pension age should rise to match that of men, thus, we went from 60 to 65. Government did NOT TELL US though, not a single one of us, ever.

In January and February this year, the DWP told me that they had not sent out ANY letters EVER, regarding the 1995 Act. They only started these official letters in 2011, even stopping these between April and November that year, due to concern over the content of them. I am willing to swear this under oath in Court and/or to take a lie-detector test to prove this is true.

ONLY in 2011 did they send out official letters telling us we’d be 66 before we retired. Most had no idea they’d even be 65, let alone that they’d have 5, then 6 YEARS put upon them before they could get their pension. Some have SEVEN YEARS!

They informed a few people, by CHANCE, in 2009, in letters concerning other details, but that was all. I know, I have one such letter and the age rise is given just one tiny paragraph in this letter concerning my National Insurance contributions, which is what I had asked about initially.

Government have now ADMITTED that they did NOT inform a single one of us, yet STILL they refuse to help us, despite KNOWING that so many of us are DROWNING out here.

In fact, they are doing their best to Hold Us Under….

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9 thoughts on “‘Pensionless Pensioner’ Brands UK Government Most Brutal ‘Regime’ In Living Memory

  1. jane

    I think pension ages should be equalised, with the mens brought downwards. meeting around 62 seems about right. The Government should have informed women of the changes to retirement age, in 1995. There was a lot in the news initially, less about the later changes and there is a petition about it all. I have never met any woman who did not know about this change and how it affected them if they were in their 50s. It is however Government responsibility to inform of change.

    I also cannot help but think there would have been far more of a fuss if mens pension ages had been altered in such a way. Wait till the new pension comes in which is so much better for us all!! No, no change for many, worse off for some, and many women will be worse off again. Ho hum.

    1. Joan Edington

      I agree with you Jane. Although the government didn’t send out letters to women born in the ’50s, as they should have, I find it hard to believe that the rise to 65 was not well known to anyone who cared about their pension. It was brought in, I believe, because the EU said our old pension ages were discriminatory towards men and there was considerable debate in the media at the time. It was not to be a single jump to 65 but rather a sliding scale adding a year to the pension age for every so much of women’s birth dates. I remember jokes with friends who were born 2 months after me having to work to 61, rather than 60. One year didn’t seem so bad, that far in advance, but it’s no joke how it’s turned out under this lot.

  2. NMac

    We are being governed by a gang of nasty, ruthless, self-serving criminals. It’s as simple as that.

  3. mohandeer

    The greatest insult to women reaching 60 years old now, is that the current Cameron Government has agreed that MP’s shall not be required to wait until they are 66 years old, they and Judges can collect their pension at sixty years of age!

  4. Art

    She oughtta get a job. Ain’t she on Universal Credit doing her 35-hour worksearch every week and if she ain’t why not? Any bird able to take a dog for a walk outta be fit enough for a post. Why don’t she start her own dog walking service? Boris Johnson for PM! And let’s git rid of them pesky Euro folk.

    (Yes, this is satire.)

  5. NK

    Sorry, but I don’t see quite what all the fuss is. The rest of us are going to have to work into our 70s and probably 80s with the way things have been going, and the retirement age has now been set at 65 for the last 21 years! This woman has either lived as a hermit the entire time or just refused to acknowledge the situation.

  6. Pat Whitehouse

    I am also 61 and similarly affected by these fascist Tory policies. Well, Enough is Enough!!! There is going to be a National Strike against Austerity; the change in our State Pension Age, In support of Junior Doctors, Against Homelessness, Against the extortionate prices we pay for energy; etc., etc., it will take place in Cities across England on 04 July 2016; please share with everyone you know!

  7. mrmarcpc

    The tories don’t want ANYONE getting their pension, regardless of gender, they want you worked into the ground and dead before you can claim it so more money for them!

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