Silence won’t save the liars who defamed the football fans at Hillsborough

Kudos to the Metro newspaper for mocking The Sun's outrageous headline on the Hillsborough disaster.

Kudos to the Metro newspaper for mocking The Sun’s outrageous headline on the Hillsborough disaster.

No apology from Bernard Ingham for the football fans he blamed; no comment from The Sun for the “truth” headline that preceded a pack of lies.

No wonder every decent human being who ever heard of the Hillsborough disaster is still demanding justice after all these years.

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10 thoughts on “Silence won’t save the liars who defamed the football fans at Hillsborough

  1. Tom Higgins

    Almost Justice.

    The jury gave their verdict
    the establishment held its breath,
    the jury said the police force
    was responsible for every death,
    responsible for ending the lives
    of every single one
    of Liverpool’s fathers, mothers,
    boys and girls who in those tragic
    few minutes were gone.
    The innocent at a football game
    lost to their loved ones for ever more,
    were then blamed for their own deaths
    by a rotten to the core,
    police force, and political class
    with their filthy rag in tow,
    they lied and lied and fabricated,
    a snake could not go so low.
    The lies were repeated as the truth
    for twenty seven years until,
    justice finally came to call
    and the real truth made the kill,
    it killed the lies and conspiracies
    of all the years since that day
    and now it’s time for the conspirators,
    to face justice in the same way.

    Tom Higgins 26/04/2016

  2. David

    Bernard Ingham and the Sun: what a combination. Both are outlaws from truth and reason. I’m astonished that working class people read the Sun, although I understand it aims at a readership with a reading age of 9. Both the Mail and the Sun take the mickey out of their readers and Ingham was the usual disgrace they appoint os tory press secretary.

  3. Dez

    This sad tale reflects how the Establishment regard who they regard as plebs who can be walked over and destroyed at their will. They have fought every way they knew to stop the truth, lying, making up falsehoods so as to discredit the innocent and prevent themselves being tarnished. This same Establishment run the UK and knowing it is being led by such lying cretins with absolutely no integrity or backbone just fills me with total dread of how much further we must sink. The inquiry into the Iraq war is another example of the Establishment dragging their feet, using one of their own overpaid toadies to lead it, and perfuming the report as best they can so as to avert the real truth and reveal the power mongers that exist ruling the roost when in fact they should be in prison not making millions peddling their so called expertise in power mongering. Come the revolution!! Not soon enough.

  4. Martin Odoni

    In fairness to the S*n (wow, there’s a combination of words I never thought I’d use), whatever they put on the front cover today, they were going to get sneered at for it. But even so, not even MENTIONING the verdict of the Coroner’s Inquest on the cover is amazingly cowardly.

  5. casalealex

    David Cameron says Hillsborough inquest ‘overdue justice’
    By Stephen Turner
    Last Updated: 26/04/16 4:34pm

    David Cameron’s comment come five years after he was accused of suggesting Liverpool fans’ search for justice was fruitless.

    He told the Liverpool Daily Post the campaign for justice was “like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that isn’t there”.

    Downing Street later apologised for the remarks, branded “grossly offensive” by Labour, with a spokesman saying he “regretted” any unintended offence.

    Mr Cameron’s spokesman added at the time: “He was actually expressing his sympathy for how hard it can be to find closure coming to terms with grief.”

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The blind man/dark room/black cat/isn’t there line was from a Rowan Atkinson sketch, c.1980, if I recall correctly. Perhaps it was a quotation, even then. Either way, it means Cameron’s comment of 2011 was even more offensive than many people are likely to have understood. I think there was an intention to offend.

  6. Denis Bell

    The tragedy has been utterly and truly besmirched by the devious, cowardly liars at all levels…. This was a devastatingly black day for those in positions in whom we trusted. The liars are traitors to mankind and they could not even after all the facts started to emerge have the strength and dignity to simply say ‘we’re terribly sorry, we got too many decisions wrong and we did not manage the unfolding tragedy at all well…..’
    How much respect they’d have gained in humility and sincere contrition?
    They have none… nothing at all ever will make good the heinous bad. – LIARS, and COWARDS!

  7. mrmarcpc

    The Sun, or as I like to call it, The Scum, will not apologise for their lies, they’re too arrogantly right wing to, right wingers never apologise for their actions, they should be sued and the politicians around at that time too, they are just as guilty as the police but for some reason are getting away with it, they should not, they all have blood on their hands, Thatcher too but she’s dead now and so can’t be done for it, should be though, evil, lying bitch!

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