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160508Ayelet Sheked
One of the criticisms levelled at This Writer when I was defending Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone against accusations of anti-Semitism was that I was playing into the hands of right-wingers.

Would my critics mean right-wingers like Ayelet Sheked (pictured), who is a member of Israel’s government?

And, considering the history of the Jewish people, what possible justification could any of them have for holding extreme right-wing views?

This is another fascinating video from Secular Talk, which puts another perspective on the accusations of anti-Semitism directed against the Labour Party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Ayelet Sheked, Netanyahu’s justice member and a member of the extreme Right-wing Jewish Homeland Party, has made a speech declaring that European critics of Israel are anti-Semites making the same blood libel that characterised anti-Semitic abuse and pogroms during the Middle Ages. According to her, it is just that anti-Semitism now is unacceptable and they have to code it as criticism of Israel.

The Jewish Homeland Party is to the right of Netanyahu’s Likud, which shows you how right-wing they are. Kyle Kulinski, Secular Talk’s presenter, shows how this is an attempt to shut down any criticism of Israel as automatically anti-Semitic. He compares it with attempts to shut down criticisms of Islam as automatically an attack on Muslims. He asserts that you can criticise Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism without being prejudiced or hostile to the adherents of those religions.

He also states that he criticises Israel, not because of any hatred towards Jews or its people, but simply because it has committed horrific atrocities. Up to 80 per cent of the people killed in the bombing campaigns in Gaza were civilians, and the areas hit included schools, hospitals and the territory’s only power plant. The UN has also estimated that the area will be uninhabitable by 2020.

Source: Secular Talk: Israeli Politico Accuses Critics of Israel as Anti-Semites | Beastrabban\’s Weblog

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5 thoughts on “Secular Talk: Israeli Politico Accuses Critics of Israel as Anti-Semites [ALERT: STRONG LANGUAGE]| Beastrabban\’s Weblog

  1. Roland Laycock

    Israel as to many fingers in British polotics and this should be stopped both Ken and Naz did and said nothing wrong yet they where put through the mill and suspended to keep isreal and righwight happy this is a big problem these people have not got the interests of Britain in there minds

  2. mrmarcpc

    Israel has too many fingers in many pies, us but mainly the US, their relationship is like ours to the US, we’re the poodle but in their case, the US is us, hence why the US always blindly goes along and supports Israel, whether they’re in the right or wrong, that isn’t right, if Israel does wrong, which they have done, they should be criticised for it but they react like a petulant child, wave the Jew card and claim everyone hates them and are all supporters of both Hitler and Stalin, grow up will you! There will never be peace there until Israel gives the Palestinians land back, otherwise the hatred will go on and peace will never be.

  3. mohandeer

    Ayelet Shaked is the Justice Minister who keeps referring to Palestinians as “beasts” and their children as “little snakes” a thoroughly charming creature who has also promoted the notion that to cut open the belly of a pregnant Palestinian is serving the Jewish Zionism ideology. Although she is quoting from old sources, she is still one scary individual who should probably have been put down at birth, just as we here in England used to drown unwanted kittens and still shoot horses we have no use for.
    Considering the violence and hatred she espouses I have no objection to a helping of what she dishes out being visited on her. Sorry Mike, I know of your aversion to violence, but this vitriolic woman is pure evil.

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