Benefit cap cut coming in autumn

160606 Benefit Cap reduction

There’s a big change coming for people on benefits – and, as usual with the Conservatives, it isn’t pleasant.

The benefit cap is currently £500 per week for single parents and couples with children and £350 per week for single people.

That will change from autumn 2016, with single people’s benefits dropping by almost £100 and household benefits by more.

It seems the change will be introduced without a Parliamentary vote – and the change has been hastened from spring 2017 to autumn this year.

A sign of economic ill-health in the UK, perhaps?

With all the fuss about the EU referendum, it seemed an opportune moment to remind people of the effects of a Conservative Government within the EU. Think what it will be like if we leave.

Here’s Shelter to explain how the Tories are squeezing the poor even harder:

The government has announced reductions to the benefit cap. These changes will take effect in autumn 2016.

The total amount a household will be able to claim in benefits is:
£442.31 a week in London
£384.62 a week outside London

The total amount a single person will be able to claim in benefits is:
£296.35 a week in London
£257.69 a week outside London

Source: What is the benefit cap? – Shelter England


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14 thoughts on “Benefit cap cut coming in autumn

  1. Brian

    Just think, all those benefit ‘scroungers’ will not be able to afford the transport to protest about these cuts. Win Win, While the price of beans continues to climb we can rest assured the recycling from supermarket skips will compensate the Tories CO2 failings. 19th century civilization here we come.

  2. Phil Lee

    It’s shocking that the conservathieves can put this through without any approval from parliament – does this not constitute contempt of parliament, and should it not be halted by our judicial system at least until the mandatory (but always ignored by this regime) impact assessment and parliamentary agreement?
    If not, it puts a time limit on how long before the revolution, which would be a legitimate act of self-defence by those who are being made almost destitute to fund the hand-outs to the super-rich supporters who funded this regimes criminal hijacking of the general election, and are presumably wanting to see a return on their “investment” (or bribe, as most people would describe it).

  3. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    What a disgusting lot these Tories are. They give themselves totally unjustified pay increases which they fund by depriving those in real need. Time to ge trid of this sick society and return to a realistic and honourable one.

  4. mrmarcpc

    And as usual, the opposition parties and the press aren’t saying a word, especially the closet blue Labour party, they’ll endorse this on the sly, again the poorest of our society being punished for no good reason by the tyrannical, far right nasty party while they ponce off the people and state as always!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’d like to see the evidence supporting your accusations against the Labour Party, please.
      Or is it your own opinion based on nothing at all?

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Is that apart from the large Benefit Cap cut that’s coming in the autumn?

  5. Dez

    Once again the Cons say one thing then do something different. Maybe it is yet another of their cunning plans to test the water …. then do their usual reversal when faced with public reactions…..then say they are the good guys by postponing their move to their agreed 2017 position. Its like dealing with a pit full of snakes.
    There are actually many genuine families that rely on these benefit programs but hey baby out with the bathwater is the Cons modus operandi

  6. TD

    What confuses me slightly is how can you get benefits close to £258 per week? I was almost made redundant, but I’ve been lucky for the time being. But when I was preparing myself for the worst case senario, I was going to be lucky to get £140 approx a week…

    (Single under 35)

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Beats me. Possibly ESA plus housing benefit plus child benefit? Even then I’m not sure that would reach such a sum.

  7. Colin Potter

    If the unemployed got off their asses and worked just 16 hours a week, for a single person, Or 24 hours for a couple, Then the benefit cap doesn’t apply

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You seem to be labouring under a false impression. Perhaps it’s where you live – are there jobs a-plenty there? If so, please let us know so we can publicise the location to those who are looking for work.
      Have you considered the current fashion for zero-hours contracts, which means people are classified as employed but aren’t guaranteed any hours a week, at all?
      And have you considered the effect of the cap on people who can’t work, for health reasons?
      Please, don’t be ignorant; think before posting a comment like this.

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