Jeremy Corbyn on the EU, migration, house building and the next election

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn [Image: Colin Lane].

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn [Image: Colin Lane].

Mr Corbyn’s words are published here in support of This Writer’s article attacking the scurrilous ‘Vote Leave’ attempt to discredit the Labour leader.

The article also puts to rest a few of the main myths being spread by some particularly dishonest characters:

  • The myth that strain on public services is caused by immigrants when in fact it is due to unhealthy budget cuts.
  • The myth that immigrants are moving into housing that should be available for UK citizens, when in fact Conservatives have ensured that house building is at its lowest level since the 1920s.

(And can readers who persist in claiming that Labour cut house building to its lowest level now please shut up? Whatever New Labour’s faults, the current Conservative government is far, far worse.)

And Mr Corbyn also suggests that the next general election may not be as far away as we’ve all been led to believe, with his rallying call to “vote Labour whenever the next election is called”.

Does he know something about the Tory expenses scandal that we don’t?

I have seen first-hand the jobs, investment, workers’ rights and environmental protection that being part of the EU helps secure for working people.

That’s why, despite its faults, I believe it’s best we vote to stay and work with our friends to make the changes Europe needs.

One issue many people have raised with me during the campaign is about EU migration. Living in one of the most diverse areas of the country I know both the benefits and the difficulties immigration can cause.

Parties like UKIP want to whip up division and turn this into a referendum on immigration.

But our hospitals, schools and housing aren’t in crisis because of migration. It’s not Polish plumbers or Spanish nurses who created record waiting times at A&E departments, or made cancer treatment waiting times longer.

It was cuts forced through by David Cameron, Boris Johnson and the Tory party that did that. Instead of training enough doctors and nurses, we now rely on over 50,000 medical staff from the EU to keep our NHS going.

If you or your family are struggling to get an affordable home, it’s not migrants who are to blame. It’s politicians who have failed to build enough homes.

Under David Cameron’s Government new house builds have fallen to their lowest level since the 1920s.

It’s this Government that has undermined services and living standards.

That’s why I believe it’s in our best interests to vote to remain and reform, protecting rights and jobs, on June 23 – and to vote Labour whenever the next election is called.

Source: We should vote to stay in the EU and make a positive change says Jeremy Corbyn – Jeremy Corbyn – Mirror Online


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7 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn on the EU, migration, house building and the next election

  1. Michael Broadhurst

    how could anyone vote leave when its partly fronted by such a despicable creature and serial liar as Duncan Smith? not to mention Priti awful Patel and goon Gove.
    it beggars belief.

    1. NMac

      My thoughts exactly Michael. Not to mention the thoroughly dishonest and loathsome Boris Johnson who, apart from his own selfish interests, couldn’t give a hoot for anything or anyone.

  2. PhobosAndDeimos

    Hi Mike Sivier

    I said that I would post you a link to this when I had got it done (took aaaages)…

    And it’s bang on topic to post it here what with Jeremy Corbyn’s Unison membership etc.

    fyi –
    Did you know that *All* MP’s have a ‘Public Duty’ to –
    “5. Members have a duty to uphold the law, including the general law against discrimination”
    Not just the conservative ones.
    It took eleven months to do, but that’s Witness Intimidation on someone with PTSD for you :/ (more on that in my next post)

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Hmm. The images in your piece – of the emails you sent and responses – are so small they are unreadable so nobody can tell what your complaint is about.
      Have you contacted Citizens Advice?
      You should also know that it is probably completely pointless blaming people like Mr Corbyn who won’t have the faintest idea any of this has happened.

  3. mrmarcpc

    I’m voting remain because of who’s in the leave camp, really vile, odious, far right wing, fascist scumbags and everybody else should realise that too!

  4. mohandeer

    Mike, With the best intentions in the world, you won’t change the minds of many leave campaigners, no matter what truths or reasoned argument you present. I myself loathe the EU and don’t want to be part of it, unfortunately if we leave, we(Britain) will not only be worse off, esp under Tories, but economically we will have shot ourselves in the foot. Hence I will be voting to remain, however galling that may be. The people most vehemently wishing to leave tend to fall in the category some friends of mine belong in. Everything that is wrong in Britain is because of the migrants/refugees. They “take our jobs”, they, “take our housing”, they “set up little exclusive communities where “we” (ie. not foreigners) can’t go”, they “are the reason the NHS is failing” and they “are responsible for the larger class sizes in schools”. I’m pretty sure most of them have figured out that it is this government that is responsible for all these problems, but they need someone to blame and to be the scapegoat. They cannot change the government and choose the easy option. It’s called “Let’s all blame the foreigners” because voting out allows them an alternative. However short sighted their views are, you cannot shake them, they will not listen to reason or argument against and will find every belaboured excuse to justify their stance while claiming “I’ve got nothing against foreigners, but….”, as you will no doubt have encountered when cold calling. Many of them will not say the real reason because they know it is a wrong headed response, others will just repeat the mantras people like UKIP have instilled in them. I’m not saying you shouldn’t keep trying, but bear in mind that you will not halt bigotry what ever form it takes.

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