Foolish ‘no confidence’ motion in Jeremy Corbyn will divide Labour when unity is vital

Jeremy Corbyn has the largest personal mandate of any Labour leader in recent decades [Image: Matthew Horwood].

Jeremy Corbyn has the largest personal mandate of any Labour leader in recent decades [Image: Matthew Horwood].

Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey – what a pair of idiots.

Many members of the Parliamentary Labour Party will probably jump at the chance to rid itself of a leader that was imposed on it by the party membership – a membership that has more than doubled since he announced his candidacy a year ago.

If the vote goes ahead and he is ousted, though, the same party membership will be outraged and the result could be a split that will render Labour impotent for decades.

It is electoral suicide.

And these two creatures can’t – or won’t – see it.

This Writer takes solace in the fact that Mr Corbyn has said he will stand for re-election if a leadership challenge takes place, and the vastly Corbyn-supporting Labour membership will put him back on top automatically.

What then for his opponents in the party? Will they do the decent thing and quit – not just as Labour MPs but as MPs altogether, clearing the way for candidates who are more able to follow the will of their party?

Or will they carry on making a bloody nuisance of themselves?

This challenge could not have come at a worse time.

The UK needs unity and strong direction but these fake-Labour fools are offering nothing but division and dissent.

Two Labour MPs have submitted a motion of no confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey confirmed the move in a letter to the chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

The motion has no formal constitutional force but calls for a discussion at their next PLP meeting on Monday.

It will be up to the PLP chairman to decide whether it is debated. If accepted it would be followed by a secret ballot of Labour MPs on Tuesday.

Source: MPs submit Corbyn no confidence motion – BBC News


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30 thoughts on “Foolish ‘no confidence’ motion in Jeremy Corbyn will divide Labour when unity is vital

  1. Jill Jervis

    JC was probably thinking like me. You can’t blame all the woes of this country on the EU. It’s Cameron & Osborne who have given us austerity, the deaths of so many sick and vulnerable people and the never ending influx from not just the EU but other places. They wanted to deliberately see wages fall because the Cons don’t think ordinary working class people should have any say in this country – that’s just for the rich, landowners and the upper classes! Now we will see even more class divide unless we get this useless lot out.

  2. NMac

    Unity more than anything else is required at the present time. We have all been made victims of the Tory civil war, the Labour Party needs unity.

  3. A Grumpy_Old_Man (@Hairyloon)

    He should simply leave, and take with him whoever chooses so to do and form a new party.
    That way he not only steps away from the backstabbing PLP, but he also steps away from the blame levelled at the Labour party’s past endeavours.

  4. Brian

    Again we see tw*ts that are not fit to be MP’s, intent only on their own ambition. The same ilk that has destroyed the country in the name of the Tories. Get rid.

  5. mohandeer

    If the Right Wingers and Blairites do force a change of Party Leadership, they might well find out just how unpopular they are. If Corbyn leaves and allies himself with like minded minor parties or stands as an Independent, I will leave the LP and go with JC. I will not vote Labour in 2020 under the same prats that surrounded Ed Milliband. Last time they got my vote it was merely to keep the Tories out, the next time round will be a very different scenario and they will not get the votes, not from me nor a vast number of current membership who are disgusted with the Labour Right. Angela Smith MP(Yorkshire) has also stated Corbyn should go.

  6. David Woods

    If you don’t like your ‘boss’ the answer is simple, hand in your notice, clear your desk and leave!
    But then they need to understand – He is not in charge ‘we the people’ are – They have their jobs because their constituents voted labour NOT for ‘them’ personally!

  7. Mr.Angry.

    I am with you Rusty, what is wrong with other Labour MP’s is Corbyn’s popularity that’s drawn so much support to the party to be ignored, did JC go to the wrong school? Do they truly believe the majority want right wing labourites running the country ? Beyond me I have had enough.

  8. lawrencesroberts

    J.C. has been exemplary through this whole sorry mess. It was Clement Atlee who said never have a plebiscite, it brings out the worst. The two haradenes in question together are not a patch on Jo Cox. One suspects that when this plays out J.C. will still be there his reputation unblemished.

  9. John

    Wonder when ‘Phil Woodford’ and ‘hayfords’ will be on here making comments? I guess it’ll be when they’ve stopped rubbing their hands together with glee! (come on guys, don’t let me down!) 🙂

  10. Anna

    If JC is ousted I shall leave the party and so will a lot of people I know. And we’ll be taking our votes with us.

  11. Jonathan Wilson

    The labour split was 63% remain and 37% leave (according to Ashcroft).

    Margaret Hodge’s constituent split was 38% remain (if a post I saw is correct).

    If anything there should be a vote of no confidence in Margaret Hodge for such a poor result that was down to herself in her constituency.

  12. hilary772013

    My husband and I joined the Labour Party for one reason and one reason only and that reason was & is Jeremy Corbyn if he goes so does our membership fees & so does our votes. In our eyes Jeremy is the light at the end of a dark & dismal tunnel called the Tory Party.

  13. Rik

    A secret ballot eh . how sneaky. .
    Yes I like JC and it would be a shame to see him ousted & replaced by whom?
    Good luck JC I’m all for you

  14. James Kemp

    It’s simple Corbin goes then 2 people in this household cancel there membership’s and i will never vote for a false Labour party ever again. Will probable never vote again because i will not be represented by stupid and shelf-serving MP’s who only care about there Right wing rubbish.

    Rather than the WILL of the membership it will destroy Labour. Personally i feel a good thing to get rid once and for all the red Tories, dressed in labors colours in the ranks of MP’s who never believe in true Labour values.

    1. Rusty

      I agree with you, they are cowards! Afraid of the sun news paper, let’s face it, there are a lot of stupid people out there reading that rag and believing the BS voting again their own interests, but things are changing and those blairites are behind the curve.

  15. Jill

    To be honest I’m not sure anything Mr Corbyn has to say cuts any ice anywhere. Only his supporters seem to prick up their ears and pay attention to his wit and wisdom. Which is fine for a cult leader but disastrous for a politician.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Unfortunately for your theory, Jeremy Corbyn is not the leader of a cult but the leader of the largest socialist political party in Europe – the vast majority of whom joined to support his policies.

  16. jaguarjonJon Lisle-Summers

    This is the nuke option. We have a golden opportunity to shape the direction of (what can we call this place we live) England?Wales?

    Instead, these two are lighting the fuse which destroy any organised opposition for the foreseeable future.

    There is a 38Degrees petition for members to sign giving JC a vote of confidence.

  17. Tracie Wayling

    Miliband said it all when he stated he’d rather have a Tory government than to make deals with any other parties. It still appears they’d rather have the Tories than Corbyn and couldn’t give a hoot about the party being split. It’s bullying to the extreme trying to get their own way. Again.

  18. marcpc

    Once again the closet tories of the Labour party will try and divide the party and will try to blame Corbyn for the defeat, it’s not his fault, it’s their tory allies fault, Camoron’s fault, he’s our leader, it’s all down to him and his scummy Eton mates, they’re the ones that have made us all suffer, their austerity plan has failed miserably, much like their leadership, every bad thing was down to them, enough of this blaming Johnny Foreigner crap, it’s our government’s fault!

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