160714 Hammond tax dodging
Reblogged in the name of public service:

Our new chancellor, Philip Hammond, may be the wealthiest member of the cabinet, but he’s not known for his diplomacy.

For example, most MPs who were caught claiming massive amounts of dosh on expenses for things like unnecessary second homes (and in Hammond’s case teaspoon collections) immediately apologised profusely to taxpayers and offered to pay the money back.

Not, however, boorish multi-millionaire Hammond – who was so oblivious to public anger he said he would continue claiming for his second home until the rules changed.

And when he was once asked by journalists about a tax dodging scheme he was accused of being involved in, he undiplomatically snapped: “What has it got to do with you?

Source: New PM puts multi-millionaire tax dodger in charge of the economy | Pride’s Purge