New PM puts multi-millionaire tax dodger in charge of the economy | Pride’s Purge

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Our new chancellor, Philip Hammond, may be the wealthiest member of the cabinet, but he’s not known for his diplomacy.

For example, most MPs who were caught claiming massive amounts of dosh on expenses for things like unnecessary second homes (and in Hammond’s case teaspoon collections) immediately apologised profusely to taxpayers and offered to pay the money back.

Not, however, boorish multi-millionaire Hammond – who was so oblivious to public anger he said he would continue claiming for his second home until the rules changed.

And when he was once asked by journalists about a tax dodging scheme he was accused of being involved in, he undiplomatically snapped: “What has it got to do with you?

Source: New PM puts multi-millionaire tax dodger in charge of the economy | Pride’s Purge

8 thoughts on “New PM puts multi-millionaire tax dodger in charge of the economy | Pride’s Purge

  1. NMac

    If the truth were known it would become abundantly clear that these nasty Tories are the real “benefit scroungers”.

  2. Dez

    Yeah….how dare these plebs poke their jealous noses into my tax affairs… he’ll not be producing his copy of his tax returns. Not sure people like him have much interest in sharing anything with plebs so there goes one of her vote winning pledges. And having commoners on company boards its been tried and was soon thrown out as much to close for comfort. Another round of we’ll all in it together sound bites which will collapse or be carparked like the rest of their lies…..however must not be hasty lets give her a chance to prove she really is the new muppet master not another muppet.

  3. jeffrey davies

    but our pm husband will he know bring more wealth into their house through being awarded more tax payers contracts ouch nothing but criminals who really should be jailed for their crooked ways jeff3

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Like the taxpayers’ contracts he wasn’t awarded by virtue of not being anything to do with G4S?

  4. mrmarcpc

    All politicians, especially the tories, are the biggest drain on the taxpayer, parasites, scroungers, call them what you like, they’re nothing but a bunch of ponces!

  5. tim

    I am sorry to spoil your fun but the fault is on (us) as the tories been voted last year to steel more from us, so complainers if you want this to stop, we need to educate more people to not vote these pirasites and vote for decent and honest people who have our interests at heart and not just talks like the 172 plonkers. Lets start to do some work where these 172 MPs are and to diselect them.

  6. David Woods

    Not being fully ‘up’ with political goings on could someone explain please; What is the ‘post’ of Deputy Prime Minister about?

    As to my mind if anything occurred to a Prime minister (ill health, accident, quitting) then surely is it not the job of the ‘Deputy’ to step up and take control being ‘second-in-command’ – but No, the Party elite chooses who the next PM will be!
    If the ‘elite’ do not trust the Deputy Prime Minister to be able to take up the reins and do the PM’s job – Then (a) WHY are they in the Deputy PM’s job in the first place or (b) Why even have the ‘post’ of Deputy PM?

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