Jeremy Corbyn has been consistently MISrepresented by the British media (surprise!)

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Perhaps we should all remember this, next time a paper screams out an accusation against Mr Corbyn – whether from opponents in his own party or other right-wingers.

It was also enjoyable to see neoliberals criticised for suggesting that their views are “common sense”. Quite right – they’re not.

A new report, published by the London School of Economics and Political Science, has confirmed the media’s bias against Jeremy Corbyn, claiming the press have turned into an “attackdog” against the opposition leader.  It also illustrates how Labour politicians, who have been plotting against Corbyn, have been corrupting the media, long before the current coup.

Entitled “Journalistic Representations of Jeremy Corbyn in the Mainstream Press: From Watchdog to Attackdog”, the scathing report from the Media and Communications Department at LSE, heavily criticises the way Corbyn has been treated in the mainstream press.

Source: This big player in the Labour coup has been hiding in plain sight the entire time (VIDEO) | The Canary


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18 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn has been consistently MISrepresented by the British media (surprise!)

  1. MarkG

    This is only 1 example that the rich paymasters of the Conservatives and New Labour are terrified of this man. Proves without doubt we do not live in a true democracy. Want a fairer better life, lets hope he wins against the Torie lite MPs who to be honest are traitors of the Labour party.

  2. Dez

    Just reflects the fact that the Elite run this country with their black resources, lemming media control and zombie reporters dancing to their master tune. The Brexit will finally also go the way of the Eire referedum ie a public No vote translates eventually into an Elite Yes lets stay change of heart. Have to admire Mr. C’s tenacity and belief in democracy and having seen the alternative two waffling wets on this Sunday mornings Tv I am not persuaded either are the face of a stong labour alternative. Mr. C comes over better than these two alternatives if this is the very best of the wet bunch……..the Cons would love either of these two facing them on the opposition rather than Mr. C who they obviously have seen as a real threat to their nasty partys infamous reign of pleb bashing.

    1. hayfords

      I can assure you that the Tories want Corbyn more than anything for two reasons. Firstly, he is unelectable in a GE and secondly, under his leadership Labour will tear itself apart. It is a myth to think that the Conservative Party is worried about JC. I have seen absolutely no sign of it. Cameron went very easy on JC at PMQs and the Conservative party have avoiding criticising him too much as they want him to stay. It was noticeable on Cameron’s last day, how he could not resist laying into JC because he had denied himself that pleasure for so long. That was a sample of what JC could expect in the run up to a GE.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        And I can assure you that, on this wing of politics, we all want the Tories to want Corbyn.

  3. Christine Cullen

    Worthy of mention in the context of delegitimising Jeremy Corbyn are several opinion writers in The Guardian over the past year. With their connections to the Blairite faction of the Labour Party, they have been given a lot of rein by the editors Rusbridge and now Viner, to follow their agenda. Looking at the reader responses, it’s not cutting much ice, but still they are pretty unrelenting.

  4. Larry Semmins

    News North West on the BBC is bugging me lately, there is barely a night goes by without them giving Eagle a boost by repeating her lies about the window, homophobic abuse and her asking for people to be nice.Biased Broadcasting Company.

  5. shawn

    The question that always crosses my mind when the obvious bias and sheer degree of acerbic comments is heaped upon Jeremy Corbyn is this: if he’s so unelectable and his policies so out of tune with the electorate, why do they need to launch such ferocious and persistent attacks on him. I guess, when Labour politicians state that he’s unelectable what they mean is he will not be elected because he will be destroyed by our predominantly right- wing media. What that means for British democracy and most of the population seems to go right over their heads. In this respect the charge that Labour MP’s voted through a no confidence vote in Jeremy Corbyn, would have been better passed as a vote of no confidence in our newsprint media – too courageous and actually relevant for Blairite MP’s.

  6. Tim

    Rumour mills grind when people fail to appear in and on the media to explain themselves and what they stand for in cogent and persuasive ways. Jeremy Corbyn has mostly made public appearances before sympathetic, often rapturously supportive audiences, which have inflated his ego, and shied away from more taxing and possibly hostile one-to-one questioning on television to make his case. My feeling is that this is because, basically, Corbyn is a tub-thumper who is good at stirring up certain kinds of gatherings with vacuous rhetoric – more houses, more equality, less poverty, better healthcare, more opportunity, higher wages and benefits and so forth – well, we all want that don’t we? – but has a poor mastery of his brief as a party leader and can easily be discomforted and undone when quizzed forensically by professional political interviewers, which, presumably is why he cowers away from such grillings.

    Things is unless he does what Blair did and faces his critics publicly, makes his case personally, and corrects misinterpretations and distortions directly people will fill in the blanks according to their own peccadilloes and prejudices.

    It is no good preaching and pontificating only to the converted and convinced.

    To win a general election it is the GENERAL PUBLIC you need to win over.

    Where is the man?

    Why don’t I hear from him on radio and see him on television, read articles written by him in newspapers and read interviews given by him online and in magazines? The man only seems visible and audible to his followers. No wonder most of what has been written about him is inaccurate and even untrue.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Mr Corbyn has appeared regularly on TV, radio and in the newspapers – more than any of his opponents, certainly, and not always before sympathetic audiences.
      Where is your evidence? You don’t have any and are asking us to rely on your own skewed opinions. No, thank you.

      1. Tim

        Well, Mike, what about Jezza, as Labour leader, telling the country what Labour’s position on Trident actually is. Jeremy Corbyn says he will be voting against renewal, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry and Shadow Defence Secretary Clive Lewis say that they will be abstaining from voting at all(!), and deputy leader Tom Watson is going to vote for renewal of Britain’s thermonuclear weapon. I believe that Jezza is offering Labour MPs a free vote on Trident renewal, although rumours suggest he might try to get them to abstain in the vote realising that he cannot whip his troops into voting against their consciences, and over 100 Labour MPs have intimated that they will vote with the Conservatives in favour of renewing Trident.

        What a shambles!

        This is an example of Labour policy and an explanation in respect to why only a minority of citizens would ever want Mr Corbyn as Prime Minister.


        We already know that Jeremy Corbyn would never allow nuclear weapons to be used in the field of war under any circumstances. We know because he has said so, publicly. This bing the case do you in all honesty believe that Corbyn could ever order British armed forces into action knowing in advance that significant loss of life, military and civilian, would result? Even if such a mission was vital to our nation’s security or to secure humanitarian interests abroad? I’m not sure the man has the sand to take life and death decisions.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Labour’s position on Trident is currently being reconsidered – that’s why the Conservatives had their vote now.
        Yes, Labour had a free vote – precisely because the party’s policy is being reconsidered.
        Actually, this ties in quite well with the undemocratic attitude of the right-wingers who oppose Mr Corbyn, because the reason it has taken so long for Labour to decide its policy is their (the right-wingers’) opposition to attempts to let the party membership have a say.
        And yes, around 140 Labour MPs voted to support the Conservatives. What a stain on their character.
        You seem to have a very selective memory. Mr Corbyn does not self-identify as an absolute pacifist and has said he would take the UK to war if the circumstances justified it.

      3. Tim

        I saw him on Andrew Marr a few weeks ago but when did he last appear on programmes like The Sunday Politics, or Newsnight, or Peston on Sunday, or The Agenda, say? Programmes where interviewers with post graduate degrees in politics and economics would give “double E grade A level” Jeremy a good questioning and probing?

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        When did Jeremy Corbyn last appear on the Sunday Politics? I believe it was Sunday (July 17).
        Party leaders don’t – as a rule – appear on the other programmes you mention.
        Why do you keep harping back to Mr Corbyn’s exam results? I had two Ds and an E at A-level – the E being in English – yet I write one of the most popular UK politics websites. I’m sure you can think of many successful people in business who have fewer qualifications than either myself or Mr Corbyn. Why should his academic attainment hold him back?

      5. Tim

        You lack of academic acumen doesn’t matter, Mike, since you are not a pretender aspiring to the office of Prime Minister. There’s no shame in not being the sharpest tack in the box. As the Americans say: “The world too needs ditch diggers”. However, for many people, many would think that any British Prime Minister ought to be intelligent enough to have been able to matriculate to read for a first degree at a decent university: even this requirement sets the bar, intellectually, at a pretty low level..

      6. Mike Sivier Post author

        Ah, but you see, I am the sharpest tack in this particular box. My ‘A’ level results simply don’t reflect this. I also have a degree and a postgraduate qualification that go some way toward rectifying the error.
        The point is that the information on an exam certificate may not accurately reflect the abilities of its owner.
        Your comment about PM candidates needing to be “intelligent enough” to get into a “decent” university is hilarious. When did intelligence matter more than wealth? Never!

      7. Shaun

        In addition, if the Labour Party needed to have people with a first class degree from a decent university, it would never have been brought into existence. Then we would all still be tugging our forelocks and saying you’re right sir, and there would be no access to university for anybody but a wealthy elite, and so no body with a decent degree and so no Labour Party and so on. Of course it’s no coincidence that this the path education policy is now taking, but that’s another story.

    2. Christine Cullen

      Jeremy Corbyn is frequently on TV. Did well on the Andrew Marr show recently when Marr was unable to ruffle him or get a cross word from him because he sticks to the point, answers the questions and is unfailingly polite. Personally I prefer the lack of histrionics. We could do with a few less drama queens like Angela Eagle for instance, or the supercilious Owen Smith. (Owen who?)

  7. Jane Owens

    This was reported by The Canary and serves to display just how biased the mainstream media is nowadays. Judging from my own encounters with Jeremy Corbyn supporters, it appears that they possess sufficient intelligence to carry out their own research without having to blindly follow the assertions of the press.

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