‘Bomber’ Benn challenged over continuing Syrian cataclysm

What our politicians chose: On the left, an artist's rendition of the haunting image of a boy who has survived a bombing raid in Syria; on the right, the same artist's rendition of another possible fate - drowning while trying to escape.

What our politicians chose: On the left, an artist’s rendition of the haunting image of a boy who has survived a bombing raid in Syria; on the right, the same artist’s rendition of another possible fate – drowning while trying to escape.

The image of a young boy, covered in blood, after a bombing raid in Syria has polarised the public. Questions are being asked of the politicians who supported military action there – and like the slippery characters they are, those politicians are letting them go unanswered.

Hilary Benn, against the wishes of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, spoke stridently in favour of UK air strikes against terrorists in Syria when it was debated in Parliament late last year. His efforts won him applause from the Conservative Party – something he should bear with shame.

Now we have the images of the boy in the ambulance. This Writer would wager it is impossible to stay unmoved as he wipes his face, sees the blood on his hand, and – simultaneously terrified and confused – wonders what to do about it.

Here in the UK, some of us knew exactly what they would do about it. They challenged Mr Benn. “How about a powerful speech to explain how the bombing is going, Hilary?” asked one person on Twitter.

160820 Hilary Benn bombing

His response: “What’s happening in Aleppo is shocking. Have you contacted Russian/Syrian embassies to ask why their governments did this?”

The Great British people, it seems, aren’t having any of that nonsense. The replies have been numerous, as follows:

There’s this: “Who do you think you’re fooling Hilary? You helped bring this pain with your warmongering in WM! Has it helped?”

And this: “What is being said about Syria by Hilary Benn suggests lack of knowledge of Middle East policy and esp of Arabs. Scary” which should be coupled with this: “Is Hilary Benn only MP who does not know that Russia is trying to create peace in Syria and is willing to talk with Turkey to achieve it?”

"This is Omran. He's alive. We wanted you to know." But the mental scars will last the rest of his young life.

“This is Omran. He’s alive. We wanted you to know.” But the mental scars will last the rest of his young life.

The simple fact is it was wrong to vote for air strikes in Syria – as it has been wrong to join all the other foreign adventures.

It hasn’t stopped terrorist attacks – ask France and Germany if you don’t believe me.

In fact, it might have ensured that they continue well into the future. Who’s to say Omran won’t take up arms against the western powers that attacked him, when he’s old enough? That would fit the cycle:

[Image: Miki Henderson.]

[Image: Miki Henderson.]

Who benefits? Arms manufacturers and big businesses.

Who suffers? The children. Everybody’s children.

19 thoughts on “‘Bomber’ Benn challenged over continuing Syrian cataclysm

  1. Roland Laycock

    Benn and Blair don’t give a toss about the poor children or the old and infirm that get blown up after all the US and UK are making money out of it and they have to toe the line with big business this guarantees their wealthy existence on the gravy train

  2. Phil Woodford

    The idea that Hilary Benn is somehow responsible for the disgusting behaviour of the Russians and their Syrian allies is preposterous and reprehensible. In reality, the British have hardly launched any attacks in Syria since that vote last year, as you well know. So all the Corbynista propaganda and disgraceful pressure on MPs was revealed to be completely out of proportion. We were already attacking IS in Iraq and, on odd occasions, our military moves a few hundred miles further west. I have seen not one shred of evidence that the British military has been responsible for the death of innocent civilians in recent months? Perhaps ‘this writer’ has sources on the ground that suggest otherwise? Or perhaps he shares Corbyn’s view that no military action by British forces is ever justifiable?

    Before disputing that final point, please do try to find an example of when he has backed military action at any point in his lengthy and distinguished career.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Don’t try to lie about Jeremy Corbyn’s attitude. He has never said that no military action is ever justifiable. He simply has yet to see a good reason for it.
      Read the article. The Russians are working on peace; Benn spoke out for aggression.
      The boy in the back of the ambulance is a consequence of what Benn supported and he needs to be shown it – and public disgust at what he advocated.
      No, there wasn’t any “Corbynista propaganda” or pressure on MPs, beyond what they might normally expect, and no, it wasn’t out of proportion.

    2. Barry Morgan

      Point is that it was Benn’s speech in the HoC that was likely the turning point in the vote and thus prolong the fighting. If the UK government had voted to refrain from military action then others would have sat up and listened to the arguments for a political solution, which inevitably will have to happen anyway.

    3. mohandeer

      The UK currently supplies the Saudi psychos with the same weaponry being used to slaughter Yemeni civilians, against our own laws and Internationally agreed laws under the UN. We are complicit in the deaths of innocent civilians and we are in breach of UN and International Laws in both Syria and Iraq.

    4. Geff Smith

      Long and distinguished career. Do not try to tell people he is a chip off the old block. The man is a traitorous worm. He went against Corbyn and voted to bomb Syria. Now tell me where he did not, because the Tory’s gave him a round of applause. The British Government gas been Bombing Syrian /force’s and the Kurds along with the Iraqi forces. The American, British, Israeli, Saudi Arabia and the gulf states want a Regime change in Syria so that the Oil will be Cheap and Plentiful, also they will control the amount of Oil and Gas that is produced to keep the price as they want. The Saudi’s have been bombing Yemen and Syria along with Turkey. So before you shout off about the Bulls**t you came out with. Do your research, I have and I know exactly who and why these Sh***hawks are involved with Bombing Civilians.

    5. Dick Gregory

      @Phil Woodford.

      Corbyn is not actually against any military action. His response to the Syria vote last year was to say that he couldn’t support the bombing of ISIS, if there was no ‘credible and acceptable force’ the recapture territory from it. As he had ruled out the Free Syrian Army as a myth and salafists, he could only be saying that bombing is OK as long as it is for the benefit of the Assad régime. He makes me sick.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I don’t think that follows at all. You are denying the existence of other possibilities and promoting the choice that makes Corbyn look the worst. In this case, he was advocating intelligence-led, targeted strikes against terrorist leaders.

  3. mohandeer

    “Mahmoud Raslan” named a “photo-journalist for Al-Jazeera Mubasher,” is also the photographer who took the video of the 12 year old boy having his throat cut by the Guardian’s “freedom fighters” of Al Nusra. The AMC(Aleppo Media Centre)acts as al Nusra’s media voice. At least this little chap is physically OK, if still scarred mentally for life, but the Syrian child with his throat cut by the AMC’s sponsors, (Jabat al Nusra) is dead. For those who don’t know Al Jazeera’s HQ is in Doha and is directed by the Qatari terrorist regime.
    Nice job by the Guardian in promoting the atrocities of the terrorists while trying to lay the blame on the real fighters against terrorists, the Russians and the Syrian Government. Could they stoop any lower?
    The answer of course, is yes, they will crawl to any depths to promote their own agenda under Viner’s leadership.

  4. mohandeer

    We know war kills children, that is why we shouldn’t be advocating further aggression against little boys like Omran and so may thousands like him in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen or Palestine, but we do. By allowing a government the freedom to ignore the people’s wishes, we are complicit in the slaughter of innocents and help perpetuate US foreign “democratization” through proxy wars and all out mass murder. The Russian’s fortunately for the Syrian’s but not our government, are delivering aid to besieged civilians under terrorist occupied territories. Assholes like Benn would deliver those civilians into the tender loving mercies of the head choppers in order to stop Syria doing a pipeline deal with Russia, Iran and China. If we, the people, don’t stop them, the deaths of the Syrian children will continue and we will be party to this monstrous land and resource grab by the west and US.

  5. Jim Penlington

    Make Hillary Benn live in Allepo for 12 months without his bodyguards for protection he would soon change his mind especially if he got injured and no medical aid.

  6. hayfords

    It is very unfortunate that Miliband did not support bombing Syria over chemical weapons. He has already promised Cameron the day before that he would support him. The net result was that Obama did not proceed without our support. The resultant weakness convinced Russia to intervene. I regard Miliband as being responsible for the situation we are in now.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Two wrongs don’t make a right.
      Miliband acted according to his conscience.
      It’s a shame Hilary Benn doesn’t seem to have one.

  7. John Mcillaney

    I hope the image of that little boy is the last thing benn see every night as he falls asleep,and let it conjure up the worse atrocities he helped create for thousands of other children who weren’t lucky enough to survive his bombing!

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