Owen Smith says HE was the ‘lunatic’. Does that make it any better?

Owen Smith defends his use of inappropriate language on the BBC's Today programme.

Owen Smith defends his use of inappropriate language on the BBC’s Today programme.

No, it doesn’t.

He was still using the word as a pejorative term. People with mental health issues will feel extremely let down by this behaviour from a prospective party leader.

On the BBC’s Today programme, John Humphries asked whether his injudicious use of language means Mr Smith is not ready for the leadership.

His response was a ‘no’: “It suggests that I’m occasionally a bit colourful with my language. I need to be slightly less colourful, perhaps, in future.”

Too late.

Owen Smith denies calling Jeremy Corbyn a “lunatic” but the Labour leadership challenger says he’s sorry if he offended anyone by using the word.

Source: Owen Smith denies calling Jeremy Corbyn a ‘lunatic’ – BBC News


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15 thoughts on “Owen Smith says HE was the ‘lunatic’. Does that make it any better?

    1. Rusty

      Could you imagine if corbyn used such language! The media would be in over drive telling us he’s unsuitable to lead the PLP

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        That’s why every news outlet says Corbyn is the favourite to win, overwhelmingly, is it?

    1. jeffrey davies

      while all around back stab him while around him the media news is how he failed yet this man smiles attack the tories while around try to take him down hmmm not a leader then whot that this man show calm under fire yet thats not good enough oh dear me corbyns stands shoulders above the crooked lot of blairites

  1. joanna

    Talk about shutting the barn door, when the horse has bolted!

    The word lunatic is not a colourful word, it is a derogatory term, which should never be uttered! There are plenty of other words he could have used, if he felt so inclined. It doesn’t matter in the slightest whether or not he is calling himself, the word is out there, and it shows that he has no ethical or moral intentions, it only shows that, all he wants and lusts after is power!

    My concern is, if he has so Little regard for mental illnesses, then how would he use that power? It can’t be for the good!!

  2. joanna

    I also do not understand what some people have against Corbyn? He has always appeared to me, to want fairness and justice, isn’t that what we all want? Hasn’t anyone learnt anything over the last 6 years? Or do they want more of the same?

    At least under Corbyn’s Labour, people will matter, under this government people are just statistics to be fudged and disabled people seen as stock and collateral damage.

    I cannot see this being any different under Smith, he is definitely untrustworthy to be in charge of anything!

    A tiny part of me wonders whether or not Smith, is purposefully making himself look so loathsome, to enhance Jeremy Corbyn’s better image, stranger things have happened!

    1. tom

      @ joanna, “A tiny part of me wonders whether or not Smith, is purposefully making himself look so loathsome, to enhance Jeremy Corbyn’s better image, stranger things have happened!”

      Following your train of thought, it could be that if Mr Smith can’t and will not win against Mr Corbyn, although having a lot of policies similar or close to Mr Corbyn’s, Mr Smith tactic is to destroy the Labour party if he cannot win the leadership.

  3. tom

    I too heard Mr Smith on the radio this morning,
    1_ He denied saying the word ” lunatic” then after Mr Humphries recited the sentence to Mr Smith, he made it like he was referring to himself and finally offered an apologize only if Mr Corbyn feels the sentence was directed to him (by the way actually who is the leader of the Labour party?)
    2_ He always says I feel this and i feel that and if people agree with my views should vote for me, never he uses the (we) when comparing Mr Corbyn which always try to empower the public, and encouraged the public to participate and include people to the debat.
    I wished Mr Humphries asked him the meaning of democracy when Mr Smith kept repeating that he will do everything in his power to have another referendum on the brexit, he shows that he is as democrat as the band in Brussells who have done the same to France, to Ireland, to Greece, keep voting until he thinks we get it right to HIS eyes and IDEOLOGY.
    He is re=enforcing my thought that after 24th September he will be knocking at the Pfizer door for his former job back.
    Labour party has no place for people like him, even after having seen the video about the cramed train, Mr Smith sided with Sir Branson, against his leader, more and more i hear this man, i become disgusted by his verbal diarrhea.
    I don’t know about you, but my feelings are Mr Corbyn is going to give him a lesson in politic and probably Mr Smith will get it and resign for his own sake because even people at Pontypridd are waking up to his sordid policies, he is more blue than tory.

  4. mohandeer

    “and what you won’t get from me is some, you know, lunatic at the top of the Labour Party”
    The spoken word and Syntax, are not Owen’s forte, obviously.

  5. pj21516

    Look closely at every single new labour politician then look closely at every single Tory politician they look exactly the same, all of them have shifty eyes that look that screams I am better than you, and that smug smarmy sneer, the Politicians of the labour back benches from Harman down are rotten to the core, they are corrupt and care about nothing but themselves they are also “BAREFACED LIARS” I Despise everything they stand for.

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