Angela Eagle challenged over perceived betrayal of Wallasey Labour members

Angela Eagle: Allegations of bad or criminal behaviour by her constituency party have yet to be proven.

Angela Eagle: Allegations of bad or criminal behaviour by her constituency party have yet to be proven.

This is not a good time for Angela Eagle.

She was the original challenger to Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership – in fact her campaign website was registered before the first of the co-ordinated series of resignations that ultimately led to the current leadership election. This is clear evidence that all the protestations that there was never a plot against Mr Corbyn are lies.

But she was unceremoniously dumped in favour of Owen Smith (for whom equality of opportunity seems to be something that only applies to other people) after a series of embarrassing gaffes, mostly involving her own constituency party’s loss of confidence in her.

How could they do other than reject Ms Eagle, after she ignored their plea for her to support Mr Corbyn in the ‘no confidence’ vote against him, and then stood as a candidate against him in direct denial of her CLP’s directive?

Now, she is calling on fellow members to vote for Owen Smith in the leadership election, despite having slandered them time and again:

160827 Angela Eagle tweet

Perhaps Ms Eagle has forgotten that she accused her fellow members of homophobia and misogyny, but has yet to show a scrap of evidence?

Perhaps she has forgotten that she accused Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters of hurling a brick through her office window, even though the broken window was elsewhere in a shared building and nobody has been accused?

Perhaps she has forgotten that her entire Constituency Labour Party was suspended because members were planning a meeting to discuss deselecting her as a Labour Parliamentary candidate in future elections? What was her involvement in that?

Perhaps she needs to read this comment, in a tweet by a person I know only as ‘Fitzy’, which explains the situation far better than I could.

160827 Fitzy to Angela Eagle

Perhaps Ms Eagle should consider whether she can continue as a representative of the people of Wallasey, when she can’t even represent the people who made her an MP in the first place.


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16 thoughts on “Angela Eagle challenged over perceived betrayal of Wallasey Labour members

  1. Roy Beiley

    She will probably accuse Fitzy of bullying, mysigony, intimidation, misrepresentation at al. Time for her to start looking for a new career path. Her present one is likely to end up as a dead end.

  2. tom

    If she has a bit of pride left in her, she should use it to resign before more s**t will be throne at her.
    She is intelligent enough to realize what she did and which way the wind is blowing before it turns to gale force

  3. Rusty

    These blairites are now a joke! I would be laughing if what they are doing wasn’t so damaging to the very people who voted for them and the PLP it’s self! Giving the right wing media all the bullets to hurt the poor, needy and the sick! Deselection is now the only way forward!

    1. Phil Lee

      No need for de-selection if she’s kicked out of the party, as she surely must be if the rules are followed.
      Only a member can stand.
      She at least needs to be suspended until all the allegations against her (including the illegality of her “election” in the first place) are properly addressed.

  4. Terry Casey (@tcliverpool)

    We have a problem, in fact 172 of them, Eagle is part of that problem, her treatment of Wallasey has been dreadful, her silence and that of the 172 over the purge and culling of members is shocking and makes her culpable in actions that may be unlawful, Labour is finally at a crossroads, we cannot win with a lying bunch of undemocratic cheats, the British public have more sense than vote for that, but I fear if the party is split we will not see another Labour Government again,

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      171. Sarah Champion is back on Mr Corbyn’s side.
      Otherwise, I think you make fair points.

      1. david

        Surely it’s back at 172 again Mike after Tulip Siddiq [who was claiming neutrality] has come out in support of OS, despite the CLP nominating JC.

    2. Phil Lee

      MAY be unlawful? Surely there is no doubt – the party rules are clear that democracy is at the heart of it’s aims, and these traitors have been undermining that ever since bliar infiltrated the party and managed to briefly take it over with his band of right wingers.
      In acting as they did, they certainly gained pecuniary advantange, which makes it fraud at the very least.

    3. tom

      Sorry, i see it different and more optimistic, Labour party with a majority blairite will go which is a good thing and Mr Corbyn will revive the real Labour party under a new name which will encourage more people to join and eradicate the old Labour party destroyed and tarnished by 171 blairite.
      I say good riddance for that because after this election they would have degraded the name” Labour party” to the gutter.
      The PLP is only a constitution nothing else.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        No, Mr Corbyn and his followers must keep the Labour name and brand. They hold to its values.
        I don’t understand what you mean about the PLP being a “constitution”.

  5. katythenightowl

    Being very new to the political scene, I wonder if you could tell me how many Labour MP’s are left, on JC’s side?
    If there were enough, surely the Labour Party can continue and, if not, maybe there are enough people committed to the policies JC is supporting, to create new MP’s – or doesn’t it work like that?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      More than 40.
      If the rebels were to split off, there would probably be by elections – technically they would be forming another party and would no longer be representing the same policy platform, or voter base.
      Labour, under Mr Corbyn, would be able to stand candidates against them, and would probably win in most cases.

      1. lisajenkinsfiction

        Unless they run as independants or Cooperative MP’s in which case they could argue they do hold the same basic values and keep their positions as MP’s until the next GE. It is usually only if an MP crosses the floor that they trigger a by-election.

  6. concernedkev

    I remember her when she secured a job along with her sister working as researchers for Confederation of Health Service Employees COHSE. I was on NEC 84/86 when she started her career climbing the ladder. She came from CBI???

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