Lily-livered Brexiters too timid and too scared to stand up to their own leaders’ lies | Pride’s Purge

Here’s a good point, well made by Tom Pride – following and expanding on the point made in This Blog in mid-August.

We were promised by the Leave campaign that the UK would regain control of its borders and put a stop to unchecked immigration from EU countries. But just a few days ago, Brexit campaigner and cabinet minister in charge of Brexit negotiations David Davis said there would categorically be no closed border and no border checks on the UK’s only land border with the EU, in Ireland:

160902 UK-EU land border

This means EU citizens from Poland (for example) and other EU countries will be able to enter the UK unchecked within a couple of hours for as little as £25.

And still not a squeak of protest from lily-livered Brexit supporters at the broken promise and the shameless lies.

What’s wrong with Brexiters? Are they all so scared of their own campaign leaders they daren’t stand up to them?

Maybe their timidity stems from a feeling of inadequacy because most Brexit campaign leaders went to public schools and most Brexit voters didn’t. Or are Brexit supporters all so bowed and cowed and used to tugging their forelocks at their so-called ‘betters’ that they allow them to walk all over them?

Source: Lily-livered Brexiters too timid and too scared to stand up to their own leaders’ lies | Pride’s Purge


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4 thoughts on “Lily-livered Brexiters too timid and too scared to stand up to their own leaders’ lies | Pride’s Purge

  1. Zippi

    Personally, I didn’t make my decision based on anything that any of the Campaigners said; I didn’t trust any of them and I certainly didn’t believe that any of their “suggestions,” or campaign platforms were promises, definitely not such as could be kept. The future was and still is unwritten. I didn’t vote for any of those things, because they were not on the ballot paper. The promise that we were made, however, was from Call-Me-Dave, when he said that he would stand by the decision of the British public and make sure that our “instruction” was carried out, yet, when the result was the opposite of what he expected, he bailed. Politicians and trust have not belonged in the same sentence for a generation, at least. How is it that, suddenly, people believed them? Really?

  2. Roy Beiley

    Brexiters are truly in denial mode. If they ever thought that the UK was in a position to limit immigration then they were misled. Do they expect a ‘Trump style’ to be built in Ireland? Never. Trade comes first
    Remember always to follow the money! Oh dear. Have you been done over Brexiters.

  3. philippajanebrown777

    I had many arguments about Brexit and immigrants with friends & associates. I urged them to vote remain but the ignorant ones wanted to vote Brexit as they believed it would halt the influx of immigrants.
    I said immigrants were the least of our worries and Brexit would make no difference. “oh no” they chirped “brexit will sort them out”. Sort them out? That worried me until I realised that the Tories has whipped up hatred of immigrants along with the disabled, elderly, vulnerable – basically ‘people out of work for whatever reason’.
    But most of these associates were only concerned with immigration and the NHS. They averred that the £350m that we’d save from leaving the EU would, as promised by the Tories, be ploughed into the NHS. MY F***ING ARSE!
    In the end they didn’t vote anyway because they couldn’t be arsed stating the usual arguments such as “they’re all the same”
    Brexit has not fulfilled it’s promises, quelle surprise, and Brest voters have egg on their chins. But how many realise they were manipulated? Brainwashed with false promises? Made to feel superior only to be left looking like the fools they are.

    1. NMac

      Very sadly I had similar conversations with friends and acquaintances and I was quite shocked at the level of racial animosity and hatred coming from people who I thought should know better. The whole stupid referendum was nothing more than a power quarrel between two extremely unpleasant Etonian toffs.

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