It is hard to support unity with clowns like John Woodcock in the Labour Party

John Woodcock is calling for British military action in Syria [Image: LNP].

John Woodcock is calling for British military action in Syria [Image: LNP].

What fantasy world is John Woodcock inhabiting?

Mr Woodcock, who chose the week in March when Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity eclipsed David Cameron’s to claim that the Labour leader was bad for the party…

Who stated on Twitter in the same month that Mr Corbyn was a “f**king disaster” at Prime Minister’s Questions…

And who, in September, accused Mr Corbyn of drawing up a “deselection list” likely to lead to MPs being targeted for abuse…

… thinks the UK should use its enormous military might  to scare Russia out of its own military action in Syria.

The man is an embarrassment.

Not only do his words demonstrate his ignorance of the facts – that the UK’s military capability pales into insignificance compared to Russia’s; that Russia is in Syria at the request of that country’s government; and that any UK action against Russia or the Syrian government would put us on the wrong side of international law…

Not only that, but he is ignoring the underlying reasons for Russia’s involvement in the conflict, which appears to be about the theft – or at least ownership – of huge petrochemical resources.

If these assets were taken over by western powers, it would seriously dent Russia’s sales to western countries, with a consequential knock-on effect on that country’s economy.

So Russia has a very strong reason to stay in Syria, keeping western countries out by its presence.

And John Woodcock thinks the threat of action by the UK military is going to make them reconsider?

Not a chance.

It might make them think of targeting the UK, though. Russia has been showing off some of its nuclear-capable weapons system in Kaliningrad, but those have a range of just 700 miles.

Mr Putin might be persuaded to wheel out a few intercontinental missiles, all in honour of John Woodcock and his amazing military strategy.

The Labour Party is supposed to be all about unity, now that Jeremy Corbyn has won another leadership election.

But who wants to be in the same room as a blabbermouth like John Woodcock?

MPS are calling for British military action to stop Putin’s air assault on eastern Aleppo.

Labour‘s John Woodcock , secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Friends of Syria, also demanded an emergency parliamentary debate in a bid to end the violence.

And he urged Theresa May to get the ball rolling when Parliament is recalled.

Mr Woodcock called for British air strikes on Assad’s military bases found to have violated “no-fly zones” to bomb Aleppo. He said: “Russia has to know there will be consequences if they continue to act in this way.

“A ‘no-bombing zone’ proposal would say clearly to Russia and Syria, ‘Every time you drop barrel bombs on civilians, we will attack a regime target. Our firepower is greater than yours’.

“There should be an emergency debate to persuade the Government to act.”

Source: Calls for British military action to stop Vladimir Putin’s air assault on Syria – Mirror Online


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23 thoughts on “It is hard to support unity with clowns like John Woodcock in the Labour Party

  1. Jt Zoonie

    jtzoonie and yes i am a carer too i been for 5 wca i have copd a dvt recurrent and many other problems. i take 18,00 iu of heparin every day just to be alive but all my neighbors report me regular because they tell every one i am pulling a scam. i can hardley move or breathe.

    1. mohandeer

      You have accused Assad of being vile. On what evidence do you make such a brazen claim – our Mainstream Media?
      Do you even know how the Muslim Brotherhood were invited to the party in Syria or how they then were moved to Libya to make room for al Qaeda? Or that the march, which was in protest at the number of Syrians leaving the drought ridden farmlands poured into the cities in 2008? Do you actually know anything about Syria. Do you know who invented the barrel bombs – here’s a clue – it was not the Syrians but the ones who stole the Golan Heights and are fighting alongside ISIS to keep them. Are you aware that the only fighting forces in Syria with white phosphorous are ISIS?
      The US has war hawks who think it’s OK to slaughter 500 Iraqi children with the likes of rent a gob psychos like Madelaine Allbright and Samantha Powers and we have Blair and Woodcock, who probably couldn’t find his own arse with both hands. Woodcock has no clue about NFZ’s and even s clue about what is really happening in Syria.

  2. Kenneth Billis

    If there was an emergency debate as Woodcock demands, I wonder if Benn would treat us all to another barnstorming warmongers speech?

    1. Ted Bains

      That would probably depend on whether or not he was likely to improve his chances of being voted as Party Leader by the PLP and find a way of disqualifying the votes of the Labour Party members.

  3. casalealex

    Secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Friends of Syria ??? Friends of Syria?

    So, this guy wants us to take on Russia in Syria. If he has a grievance with Russia, why not take them on in their own country? Instead of using an already war torn country as his battleground!

      1. casalealex

        Register Of All-Party Parliamentary Groups [as at 3 June 2016]
        Friends of Syria

        All-Party Parliamentary Group for Friends of Syria
        To build a greater understanding in Parliament of the current conflict in Syria and to allow parliamentarians to discuss the diplomatic, humanitarian and military options for UK policy.


        Chair & Registered Contact
        Jo Cox
        Mr Andrew Mitchell
        Bob Stewart
        Vice Chair
        John Woodcock
        Labour (Co-op)
        Lord Hylton

  4. David Woods

    Yes, Russia was invited in, we weren’t; the West has armed and trained ‘rebels’ with links to ISIS, and prior to Russia being invited in most of the Wests bombing had been on Assad’s forces and not on ‘the rebels’!

    The West’s only viewpoint is about regime change and not ending the war in Syria!

  5. Roland

    John Woodcock is just another Blairit all mouth and no brains sat on a gravy train and all this Anti-Russia pumped out by the US and followed by its lap dog the UK is going to take us into a war the consequences of which I hate to think and for what so the US can take over the world

  6. yarmouthboy

    Where does Woodcock get his info from? Has Michael “the hawk” Fallon been telling him porkies about the capabilities of our armed forces? Silly man. Ignore him.

  7. Bill Sutton

    we are dangerously close to WW3, what does this muppet think we are going to achieve here, now, at this point in a 5 year long struggle? We should have gone in from the outset, but no, they voted against early intervention when it could have made a difference, and now? The US broke the ceasefire, we are on VERY DODGY GROUND HERE!!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’ve edited your comment to remove the swearing; if you continue to swear in your comments, they won’t appear.
      You’re simplifying the issues.
      If we were simply dealing with a despotic regime, that would suggest one course of action.
      But we have a despotic regime and a murderous terrorist organisation, at each other’s throats, with innocent people caught in the crossfire.
      Russia is involved because the Syrian government requested it.
      There is the underlying issue of the Americans wanting to grab oil supplies.
      It is not as clear-cut as you are suggesting.
      But you are certainly correct that we are all on dodgy ground.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        We have a rule here that anybody asking about their comment has their comment removed.
        All comments are queued for moderation – which must take place on this site because otherwise silly people try to abuse the system. Sometimes it takes longer to get to them than others. In such a situation, anyone trying to jump the queue with a remark intended to prompt me into action finds their comment deleted.

  8. Richard Ashton

    He really does make the case for deselection. If his continuous abuse of our twice elected party leader wasn’t enough, now he wants us to start WW3. He’s a vile little man that our party should be glad to see the back of. And as Labour party members we should be demanding that the party take action against this type of war mongering rhetoric from MP’s like Woodcock who’s values are obviously not consistent with the majority of party members.

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