If Brexit was a victory for working people, why is the National Living Wage being revised down? | Left Foot Forward

Coins and money

Coins and money

Yesterday Tom Pride told us that Brexit will not halt the march of immigrants into the UK, nor will it return any of the sovereignty we are supposed to have lost.

Instead, the leaders of the Leave campaign intend to sell off national assets to foreign powers.

And now we find that instead of being a rejection of a world that works for the privileged few, Brexit will help them pay working people less than we were promised, in a National Living Wage that wasn’t even a living wage when it was announced!

When are Leave voters going to understand that they’ve been had?

Nigel Farage called Brexit ‘a victory for ordinary, decent people’, while Theresa May says it was a rejection of a world ‘that works well for a privileged few’ but not for the millions left behind in Britain.

So how do they explain away today’s projection that slower wage growth post-Brexit will drag down the National Living Wage (NLW), costing low-paid workers up to £780 per year by 2020?

New analysis published today by the Resolution Foundation projects that the new NLW, which will take effect in April, will be 10p lower than previously predicted as a result of weaker pay outlook post-Brexit.

The longer-term forecast has also suffered. In March the Office for Budget Responsibility forecast that the NLW would hit nine pounds by the end of the parliament. Now the Resolution Foundation is projecting it will reach £8.60.

Source: If Brexit was a victory for working people, why is the National Living Wage being revised down? | Left Foot Forward


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9 thoughts on “If Brexit was a victory for working people, why is the National Living Wage being revised down? | Left Foot Forward

  1. David Woods

    They were selling off our assets when we were in the EU, perhaps as it’s been so long you’ve forgotten the sell off of coal, steel and utility companies all to foreign companies, not forgetting TTIP and CETA both of which are currently being considered by the European Parliament!

  2. Roland

    Brexit as never been about the UK or its workers its about two parts of the tory part each thinks it can make more money the workers are just a tool to be used and with the media and some one with a big mouth pumping out the same crap day after day it sinks in and the people will just follow like sheep

  3. Barry Davies

    “Instead, the leaders of the Leave campaign intend to sell off national assets to foreign powers.” that would be a member of the remain campaign who is the Prime minister, just how are the leaders of leave going to sell anything off without her agreement? The claim, in line with all remain claims, is “could” well that is a possibly maybe might scenario, on the other hand it may raise, and on the other blaming Brexit for everything is obtuse to say the least.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yes, the leaders of the Leave campaign – Liam Fox, Andrea Leadsom, Daniel Hannan. The people listed in Tom Pride’s article.
      Theresa May’s support for Remain was so lukewarm it may as well have been non-existent. These people won’t have any problem securing her agreement for these ideas.
      Look beyond the propaganda to the facts, please.

  4. casalealex

    So, one of the main reasons for voting to leave the EU was apparently to regain the country’s sovereignty. Well, what kind of sovereignty will we have when this ‘government’ will have sold all our national assets to other countries?

  5. Zippi

    I am pretty certain the Teresa May said that she wanted us to leave but on balance, decided to support the remain campaign.
    What annoys me is that every politician who has a platform in the media, seems to know why people voted to leave. When did they ask any person why they voted? There are myriad reasons why people voted to leave. At the end of the day, the question on the ballot paper was should the U.K. leave the European Union, or should it remain a part of the European Union. That is all. It didn’t ask do you want immigration controls or sovereignty, or Coco The Clown and for M.P.s to decide that it did is perverse.
    As far as selling off the assets is concerned, I’m not sure that Brexit has anything to do with it; it’s the Tory way and much of what has gone in recent years, I have read, has gone with the aid of E.U. grants. Big money seems to decide everything. Who caused the financial crisis? Who’s suffering as a result? Not the same people, or organisations. Those who instigated the mess for which they are not paying, seem to be doing very well. House prices are sky high and rising. We’re told that its an issue of supply but, just as before the crash, who is buying them? Who can afford them? Monstrous extensions will take certain properties permanently out of reach of those who might previously have been able to afford them, which puts downward pressure onto the remaining housing stock. As the expression goes, follow the money.

  6. NMac

    Brexit was only a victory for the ultra hard line right wingers in the Tory Party. The whole referendum was about the Tories gambling the nation’s future for their own selfish ends.

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