Is this proof that UK politics is shifting towards Nazism?


Or is it merely proof that the Daily Mail never stopped supporting that hate-filled ideology?

Cartoonist Gary Barker shared the above image on Google+ and it’s well worth sharing here as well.

If you know a Daily Mail reader, it’s probably time you asked them why they buy it.

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13 thoughts on “Is this proof that UK politics is shifting towards Nazism?

  1. Neilth

    Why is anyone surprised? This rag hasn’t changed it’s position in a hundred years. It’s always been extremist consistently supporting oppressive dictatorships and anti democratic organisations. Remember Moseley, Apartheid, Smiths Rhodesia, Zola Budd etc etc. How it qualifies as a ‘newspaper’ I don’t know. I’ve long advocated removing its status as a newspaper and it’s accompanying reporting privileges. The Express is equally questionable. They both incite extremism, racism and religious intolerance and I believe they should be prosecuted for this.

  2. Sanjit

    This is a very good match with Nazi Germany, and also Gujarat communal riots in 1969, these and many others were specifically designed by the government of the day to be divisive of community sections by discrimination & favoritism. Divide & rule is the signature of despot regimes desperate to cling onto power. Only one result can come from such policies, sedition, riot & death. The Tories are doing their dirty business in the name of the Monarchy and in each and every culmination there has been military intervention. It is after all Her Majesties Government. Is this the fate that will befall the British people due to the power misuse & avarice of politicians. Perhaps it is time for HMQE2 to examine this despondency that affects her realm and take action to dissolve this government before her subjects are slaughtered in her name.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I keep having to point this out:
      None at all.
      Get used to the idea.
      If she tried, she would trigger a constitutional crisis that would mean the end of the Monarchy.

  3. spirit

    Careful, Mike! This has spread as a meme but is let down by the facts. As a visual comparison it is fine, but it seems that these men were not judges but socialist politicians and writers who were already in exile being officially (and publicly) stripped of their nationality. See here for clearer info One doesn’t need to stretch to find comparisons between today’s redtops (and a couple of broadsheets) and the propaganda apparatus of the Reich so getting it so fundamentally wrong is counterproductive. Sorry for the correction – certainly not defending the Fail!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, the men are definitely the judges in the UK’s high court.
      Oh, you mean the Germans?
      If you’re trying to say the meme loses its meaning because they aren’t judges (and obviously I can’t see evidence of that), then you are missing the point.
      The point is that a UK newsrag – today – is happy to copy Nazi tactics by using the label ‘Enemies of the People’ against those it opposes.

      You’re right – getting it fundamentally wrong is indeed counterproductive.
      I’m sure you’ll do better next time.

      1. spirit

        Hi, Mike! That’s a little defensive, but I do understand. I get ‘the point’ completely which is why I said that as a visual comparison it is fine; it is the caption that lets it down. The people pictured in the Nazi propaganda were, it seems, NOT judges, so saying definitively that they are diminishes the message. I only researched this because someone posed the interesting question “does anybody know what happened to these people afterwards”. I share your disgust at the behaviour of the papers. It seems this is a page from Völkischer Beobachter, a monthly Nazi propaganda publication and shows pictures of people who were already living in exile and does not even seem to use the phrase ‘Enemies of the People’. Does that make any more sense? It’s better to concentrate on what is true, otherwise we are no better than them. Talking of which, this is an interesting page Don’t confuse me for a Mail/Nazi supporting troll!

  4. Harley

    I thought that Brexit was partly about allowing British Judges to make rulings for the British people which EU Judiciary couldn’t interfere with or overturn. Three British Judges have reached a consensus on a matter and made a ruling based on many years of collective experience. So what’s all this nonsense about vilifying them for doing something that the Brexiters said that they wanted? Mind you the Nazi and most ardent Brexit/UKIP mind set aren’t that much different really although there are not enough of these nutters to tip the UK over the brink into unbridled fanaticism and totalitarianism currently although the same can’t be said about the owner, journalists and editors of the Daily Mail obviously.

    Does the Daily Mail really influence public opinion much these days anyway?

    It’s hard to believe that such a scurrilous rag cuts ice these days as it used to once upon a time.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The Daily Mail runs the most popular news website in, I believe, the world.
      Yes, I think it still has influence.

  5. mrmarcpc

    British politics has always had far right wing leanings, just look at our gutter press, can tell they’re all Hitler lovers and have proved it too, I think deep down this country actually admired Hitler and liked many if not all of his policies, the proof is in our country’s politics right now!

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