Sorry Brexiters – you’re in the minority now. Respect the wishes of the British people | Pride’s Purge

Fair comment from Tom Pride?

There is now a clear majority of Brits who wish to stay in the EU:

The number of people who regret voting for Brexit is now greater than the margin of victory for Leave

Over 120,000 Leave voters have died since Brexit

Massive swing from Brexit to Remain in North East

Poll shows Sunderland voters would now vote to remain in the EU

If EU referendum was held again Remain would win due to ‘Bregret’

Brexit regrets highlighted in new poll

Brexit regret after Leave campaign backpedals on all its promises

It’s the Brexiters who are in the minority now.

So respect the wishes of the British people and let the UK remain in the EU.

Source: Sorry Brexiters – you’re in the minority now. Respect the wishes of the British people. | Pride’s Purge

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8 thoughts on “Sorry Brexiters – you’re in the minority now. Respect the wishes of the British people | Pride’s Purge

  1. Sven Wraight

    The continuous whisper of truth takes a while to be heard over a lie that only succeeded at all because of temporary ignorance.

  2. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    People were encouraged to vote before they had really had the chance to understand what leaving would entail. It is perfectly clear that the majority of people who value the friendship and benefits of the EU have now had time to consider all the pros and cons of the EU and, whilst nothing in this world is perfect, membership of the EU offers far more benefits than non-membership as we are already being made very well aware.

  3. Barry Davies

    Fortunately for the British people the reality is that the majority voted to leave, and all these minuscule polls taken in remain areas or relating what remain voters pretending to be leave supporters are saying. Maybe if remain supporting cameron had done what he was mandated to do, and remain supporting May hadn’t dithered we would not be still hearing wailing and gnashing of teeth of those who have never been involved in any competitive arena and think that because daddy and mommy let them win or were told no one loses we are all winners can’t get heir minds round having supported the losing side.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      In fact, only around a quarter of the British people voted to leave – 17 million (and change) out of a population of around 64 million (and change).
      Your claim about polls showing the opinions of ‘Remain’ voters “pretending to be Leave supporters” is unproven. Fake news, anybody?
      You finish your comment with a bullying, belittling insult against ‘Remain’ supporters. Aren’t you one of those who say it’s ‘Leave’ that has been bullied?
      Oh dear.

  4. NMac

    Unfortunately Cameron’s irresponsible and reckless gamble with the nation’s future by calling the ill thought out and sloppily organised referendum in order to bolster his own personal career, has emboldened a large number of extremely unpleasant right-wing thugs. It has opened a very unpleasant Pandora’s Box.

  5. Gary Aronsson

    Never in all my long and overly complicated life have I ever read a more stupid comment than the one at the top of this page. The entire Euro is teetering on the brink as every major bank in every major member of that ill conceived currency is about to go down the plug hole, the only source of doubt concerns the identity of the FIRST one to collapse, will it be Italian , French or German ?

    Then of course we have the approaching outbreak of massive civil unrest right across Europe in response to the deliberate flooding of Europe with the human detritus of the Third World. Will it be “just” massive civil unrest or will it become Civil War ?

    These are but two of the immediate threats facing the European Union , neither of them can be avoided and BOTH of them will destroy it and very possibly Europe itself in the very near future and yet this clown wants us to cling to this ticking bomb , is he totally insane or does he think we are ?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      But, Gary, the Euro is not about to collapse and immigration is not the cause of civil unrest – racists like yourself are.
      For example, can you name any problem immigrants have caused in the UK? They’re not responsible for taking our services, or NHS, or schools away from us – your government has done that. They contribute far more to the economy than your average UK citizen.
      So what’s your problem with them?

  6. Zippi

    I have to say that, I’m not sure that half of the people who voted to “remain” knew what they were voting for. The whole debate was flawed, on BOTH sides. I cannot accept that those who voted to “remain” were right and that those who voted “leave” were ignorant. Aye, many racist persons voted to “leave” but do we know how many voted the opposite? What percentage of the people who voted had a clue? How many people have bothered to do any homework since the referendum? In short, what has really changed, since before the referendum? Remember what the question on the ballot paper was.
    Call-Me-Dave is a disgrace to this country. He offered the people a binary referendum, having made NO plan; he had but one to make. After saying that he would abide by the decision of the British people and that he would “carry out their instruction,” he jumped ship. How is it that he has been absolved of any responsibility? After the referendum, fingers were pointed at Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage Michael Gove, then Teresa May, when the blame lies fairly and squarely with Call-Me-Dave. Why has he not be brought before Parliament to answer for his actions? Why is he not in prison?
    To say that people have died, since the referendum… really? What if this were a general election? Do we get rid of a government, because people who voted for it passed away, or because people changed their minds? We were all told that this was forever, no going back, no changing your mind after the event. We were told of what terrible things could befall us, if the vote was to “leave.” What percentage of the electorate voted for this government? Where were the protests, then?
    What we weren’t told, during the run up to the referendum is what the E.U. actually is, how it works, what it does, what it’s supposed to do, how brilliant it is. If the E.U. is so brilliant, why did nobody tell us? Nobody on the “remain” side, actually sold us the E.U., they only said how bad leaving it would be but nobody gave us a reason to stay; reasons not to leave are not the same. Who knows what the result would have been if more people were actually in possession of the facts that so many were crying out for. We were told, instead, that there were no facts.
    All that I can say is that many people, who did arm themselves with facts, voted to “leave.”

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