Theresa May’s ‘Brexit’ speech on Tuesday will be about her FAILURE – especially on immigration

Failure: Theresa May [Image: The New European].

Apparently Theresa May will make her big Brexit speech on Tuesday. Already we are being told it will refer to a “clean” break from the European Union, meaning no attempt to retain membership of the single market or the customs union, in order to control immigration.

This Writer has been watching today’s (January 15) media coverage and it has been remarkable to see the work they have put into avoiding one simple fact:

Theresa May has failed. Completely.

Her Conservative government has been talking to the EU for many months now, trying to get some kind of deal on free trade while curbing immigration, and it has failed.

All this talk about “clean” Brexit is an attempt to hide the fact that there will be no “soft” Brexit.

Worse than that, though, is the fact that the fuss about immigration is fake.

Here‘s why [boldings mine]:

“Since 2004, European Union law has allowed governments to control movements of EU citizens as follows: allow EU citizens to freely circulate only for three months and then require them (should they want to stay longer) to show they are working (employed or self-employed), a registered student or have sufficient resources (pension, savings) to support themselves and comprehensive sickness insurance eg a valid European health insurance card enabling the NHS to claim back the cost of treatment or have private health insurance. The UK is one of the few governments that has not implemented this.

“For six years, Theresa May was in charge of the Home Office responsible for immigration, yet did nothing to adopt these conditions. One wonders why not and why immigration was allowed to dominate the referendum and is still being paraded as a big problem. Yet another failure of our own government and the Home Office under Theresa May is being blamed on the EU. The remedy was always in the UK’s hands.”

(Thanks to VP reader Wanda Lozinska for alerting me to this – and to Pat Whitaker, who wrote the letter quoted above.)

So Theresa May has always been able to curb immigration. She simply chose not to.

One has to wonder why not.

Is there a secret aspect to this, that we haven’t been told?

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12 thoughts on “Theresa May’s ‘Brexit’ speech on Tuesday will be about her FAILURE – especially on immigration

  1. Barry Davies

    A clean break is what we voted for, not hard or soft the latter of which would be the equivalent of staying in, we should leave the single market, the eu is already trying to make a deal to give it access to our services industry because it can’t afford not to.

    1. Wanda Lozinska

      We import far, far more than we export, and our balance of payments is the worst it’s been for over 100years. So exports are vital to our economy and 50% of our exports go to the EU, as we are in the single market.

      Despite what the Tories keep saying, our economy is not doing all that great; our National Debt is a staggering £1.7 trillion and on it’s way to hitting £2 trillions.

      So why do you want us to leave the single market?

    2. Wanda Lozinska

      “Most people also don’t realise the significance of the latest UK current account deficit which has now reached 6% of GDP, the highest it has ever been for the last 60 years – and it is still increasing. What this means is that the UK under current Tory policies is now importing £90bn a year more than it is exporting – a process that cannot continue indefinitely without eventually a huge collapse in the value of the pound plus the imposition of capital controls to prevent a runaway sell-off of what will have become valueless pounds.”

      By Michael Meacher, March 2015 (I expect the situation is much worse now).

  2. NMac

    Whatever these nasties have in mind, it does not bode well for the vast majority of the British people.

  3. Peter Hepworth

    Conspiracy theories can be loopy (moon landings faked, etc), but could Brexit have been a secret Tory plan aimed at destroying all its betes-noir: h & s, civil rights, environmental protection, employment legislation, etc. Cameron was never going to get the reforms he claimed to be seeking and was ready to retire anyway. May was allegally a Remainer, but a silent one, and she rapidly morphed into a hard Brexiter.

  4. Dan Delion

    Diw! This so sounds like a prequel to a Dr Who story in which aliens posing as UK politicians worked to destroy us by implementing self-contradictory and conflicting policies based on ignorance and flawed logic.

    Heaven preserve us!

  5. Wanda Lozinska

    The main reason why very many people wanted to leave the EU was immigration; to them “Freedom of Movement” means that an unlimited number of people can come into Britain from the EU with no controls whatsoever, and stay here claiming benefits if they’re not working. However, this isn’t the case, so they’ve been conned!

    Not only that, but the rest of us will now have to suffer the consequences.

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