Supreme Court ruling was a victory for democracy – not a waste of money [OPINION]

Less than an hour after the Supreme Court ruled that Parliament must approve the triggering of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, setting the UK on course to leave the European Union, we are already seeing nonsense arguments.

Let’s just make a few things clear:

The court case was not about stopping the UK from leaving the European Union. That had nothing to do with it.

The case was about ensuring that Parliament – the elected representatives of the people of the UK – will have a say on the way the UK leaves the European Union.

It means the rule of democracy has been asserted over the tyranny of Theresa May.

She wanted to impose whatever she liked on us, without our representatives having any chance to protect us!

It is shameful that some people are saying she should have been able to run roughshod over our hard-won democratic rights.

Those of you who voted ‘Leave’ – my understanding was that you did so in order to boost democracy, not reduce it as Theresa May has been attempting.

The Supreme Court has told the Tories that they cannot trash democracy in this way and Parliament – the representatives of the people of the UK – must approve any and all options for leaving the EU.

The people who brought the case did so to ensure that Brexit works for the people of the UK, and not just for the Tories and their friends. They did not waste money in doing so, because without their action, the Tories would have inflicted despotism on us.

It is Mrs May and her government who have not only delayed matters by fighting the case; they are the people who have wasted a huge amount of public money on a pointless bid to harm democracy.

Let’s all remember that, when they bring their silly two-line Bill to Parliament, and look forward to some good amendments bringing these contemptible, arrogant, privileged Tories back in line.

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5 thoughts on “Supreme Court ruling was a victory for democracy – not a waste of money [OPINION]

  1. chriskitcher

    The worry is that if or when the UK leaves the EU people like May and her henchmen will be able to do what they like with none of us having any say in the matter. Look for the threat of closure of the Supreme Court after this.

  2. Dan Delion

    May has no mandate from the electorate: for anything since she seized power. To claim she is simply following Cameron’s Tory manifesto is pulpable rubbish (yes, pulpable – consign her actions to waste recycling including the arcane claim of prorogative powers).
    I fear for this country after she has visited The Donald because it will be nmecessary to dissect the fine print of anything ‘negoitiated’ as a consequence to confirm the absence of any loopholes that can lead to damage for workers rights, regulatory standards, financial control or the NHS.
    Beware what you wish for – including political pies iin the sky from practiced liars.

  3. Mervyn Hyde (@mjh0421)

    The Tories have got away with the constant excuse of not declaring their position on important subject matters, saying they are keeping their cards close to their chest, which is presumed a clever negotiating stance. In reality it means she doesn’t want the people of this country to actually know what they intend to do, such as getting rid of our human rights etc.

    It’s not a clever negotiating stance as we have nothing to negotiate with, we import everything from the rest of the world, which begs the question as to what we can get in exchange. We forget Cameron was so successful in negotiating with Europe the last time, that no one remembers what he actually achieved. In truth he came back with nothing, all trumpeted in the media as a deal, but what is the meaning of a deal when it was no deal at all.

    Theresa May is carrying out anther confidence trick without showing her hand, the only trouble is, it is all too familiar. We are in a situation where we are leaving a club and expect to be given rights of membership having left, without making a financial contribution.

    Do we seriously believe that will be acceptable to the EU as a whole, and what will we actually gain, if they put up tariffs against us we will reciprocate, negating any adverse trading impact. What in reality are we going to lose?

    Outside the EU we will not benefit from the social chapter, legislation will be required to provide similar protection, the Tories will oppose that, In short there are a myriad of socially beneficial regulations that will be lost allowing deregulating Neo-Liberals the opportunity to avoid replacing them.

    It is not Europe that we should concern ourselves with, but our own home grown government.

  4. Barry Davies

    Well the simple fact is that May supported remain, she was part of the project fear remain campaign so if anyone should be worried it is leave voters. Of course we will always have those who make ridiculous claims that she seized power, she didn’t there was no coup she got elected to be leader of her party by members of her party the way every other party does it, after Cameron decided his lies had made him unelectable. She was given a very high status by Trump because out of the world leaders he chose to invite her to be the first to have talks with. We all know of the project fear propaganda where they say we will run roughshod over so called eu labour laws, all of which were in this nation prior to 1972 and the eu adopted them from us. You should beware what you wish for from the political liars who wanted to keep us in a corruption ridden democratically deficient body, that is top down governed by the unelected commission.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Theresa May was not elected by anybody; all the other candidates were either eliminated or stood aside. That’s not democracy.
      If Trump gave her high status, why did he talk with Michael Gove first?
      As for your ‘Project Fear’ propaganda – the only one I can see fearmongering at the moment is you.

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