Trump’s ‘fine-tuned machine’ stalls as national security candidate turns down job

Retired Vice-Admiral Robert Harward is a 60-year-old former Navy Seal [Image: Reuters].

The Trump administration is really floundering now.

The former national security advisor has resigned in disgrace, and now the top candidate has refused to take the job, most probably because he didn’t like the team in place.

And the White House is saying it was due to “family and financial” commitments, which suggests Trump is now guilty of propagating the “fake news” he claims to hate so much.

His whole presidency – so far – reminds This Writer of something the late, great, Hunter S Thompson said about Nixon, years ago… that he was so crooked he needed somebody to help screw him into his trousers in the mornings.

Trump is weakening the United States. If somebody doesn’t straighten him out soon, who knows what will happen?

US President Donald Trump’s choice for national security adviser has turned down the job offer.

Retired Vice-Admiral Robert Harward was widely tipped for the post after Mr Trump fired Michael Flynn on Monday.

A White House official said Mr Harward cited family and financial commitments, but US media said the sticking point was he wanted to bring in his own team.

Mr Flynn had misled US Vice-President Mike Pence over his conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the US.

The latest setback emerged hours after Mr Trump robustly denied media reports of White House disarray, insisting in a news conference that his administration was running like a “fine-tuned machine”.

Source: Robert Harward turns down Trump’s national security adviser offer – BBC News

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9 thoughts on “Trump’s ‘fine-tuned machine’ stalls as national security candidate turns down job

  1. NMac

    There are certainly similarities between Trump and “Tricky Dickie” Nixon. I hope there aren’t too many though, because seem to remember Nixon was roughly half way through his second term when his dishonesty finally caught up with him. Hopefully Trump won’t get a second term, and at the rate he’s going he may not complete one term.

  2. Manish Dyall (@DyallManish)

    Trump doesn’t seem as if he will last long. Former national security adviser Flynn resigns in disgrace. His top candidate turns down the offer and favourability rating at historic lows (according to Pew Research Center, supported by Gallup which has trump with 41% approving). Currently, it seems as though Trump will be out by 2021, latest.

    1. Jonathan Trapman

      Manish – “resigned in disgrace” was the MSM take on it – truly BS of the vintage kind
      – do a little deeper research and discover the reason was because he had the dirt on the Pizzagate pedo stuff – go look up!

  3. Jonathan L Trapman

    When you got the whole Beltway Criminal Cabal against you it is damn hard to carry out the will of the the people. Trump is NOT the elite cabal, the ruling neocon/Democrat criminal elite thus he is heading up a civil war opponent.

    Of course the Zionist/NeoCons have by now read him the POTUS rights for sitting in the Oval Office but he is not one for falling into line.

    He may not be a JFK stature but her is coming from the left field.
    Rather than poke fun at him like all the puppet MSM here and in the States give the guy a chance for 100 days FFS

    Your posts on the international order of things so often comes over as if you swallow the MSM approach and belief structure – since the majority of it is pure vile propaganda you lose a lot of otherwise worthy respect.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Trump is a chump. He’ll do a lot of harm if he’s allowed to carry on.
      Are you seriously trying to condone a man who uttered no less than 80 lies in his capacity as President, during his first four weeks in office?

      1. Jonathan Trapman

        He may be a chump, he may be worth more than that. I neither condone him nor batter him.
        Give him a chance because considering the other option of Killary we all were saved instant death or at least had it put on hold.

        With the elite in hyper revenge mode for Clinton’s fixing of the election staunched by the white hats in the NSA and for losing their toys we are in dangerous waters even though we are not US.

        That the usual hype reaction spreads over here rousing the rabble of the ill informed to go for the jugular just shows how Pavlovian so many of the populations are.

        Wait and see – he will never be as bad as the other option and if you or anyone believes so then we are all screwed from the get go.

        Consider who is really trying to grasp back and run the show 100% again rather than losing their precious pressititute hounds to their fake stories and goadings.

        Will Trump make things better? I have no idea – madness of the world runs deep and that most are not getting the true war going on is truly frightening and deadly.

        The 80 lies come no where close to the 100s of thousands spouted by previous POTUS but since so many pies are spouted from all directions let’s not get into the My dick is bigger than yours scenarios type of comparison – Just research and find where the greater truths are spoken and reported

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        I agree with you about the possibility of war under Mrs Clinton.
        However, it is impossible to judge degrees of badness here.

  4. Neilth

    The so-called presidents fine tuned machine is like a set of bagpipes in the hands of a first time learner. Someone who doesn’t understand which bit does what and blaming the noise on the cat down the road.

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