The cheap shot that could cost Theresa May dearly #PMQs

Theresa May in Parliament (not today – image is for illustrative purposes only).

This was an appalling error of judgement and descent into poor taste by Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions today:

Under pressure from Jeremy Corbyn, who was questioning her on her so-called “fair funding formula” for schools that will see each state school pupil lose seven per cent of their current funding, in real terms, by 2020 – on top of 6.5 per cent in previously-announced cuts, Mrs May did something unforgivable.

When Mr Corbyn pointed out that she was starving state schools in order to support her own grammar school vanity project, Mrs May attacked him for sending his own child to a grammar school.

This was a huge mistake, for the following reason:

Mr Corbyn never wanted any child of his to go to grammar school and it we are told his marriage ended because of arguments on this subject.

Mrs May’s comment was, therefore, not only completely inaccurate but highly personal – and may even have been intended to disorientate the Leader of the Opposition.

It was just about the lowest of low blows she could possibly have tried to land.

And the public noticed.

This is a prime minister who is not above attacking her political opponents by using their children against them, and who will exploit their private-life traumas for her own gain.

Let’s all watch her own approval ratings plummet as this sinks into the public consciousness.

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34 thoughts on “The cheap shot that could cost Theresa May dearly #PMQs

  1. Rusty

    Don’t think this will get reported at all! Or matbe just a little then it will be forgotten! Media works for the tory party!

  2. marcusdemowbray

    Sadly she is quite happy to be as obnoxious and deceitful as possible because she knows full well that the majority of K’s media (formerly “UK’s Media”) will only repeat HER CLAIM that he sent his children to Grammar school and NOT the actual truth of why they went to grammar school. He will be labelled a hypocrite, the majority of the public will believe it and his ratings as Leader will take a further knock in the publi mind. Mayn Kampf tactics. Sadly, very effective.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Considering subsequent events at Westminster today, that seems unlikely in the extreme.

      1. Mike Hamblet

        The PM is utterly immoral; sorry, but I can imagine her sitting there thinking ‘at least the terror attack will distract from PMQs debacle’.

  3. Dave Rowlands

    No one will care, it’s another day tomorrow, things happen all over the world that are frowned upon, I’m sat here typing this in and I can’t affect the outcome of any other persons thinking, it’s getting to the point where politicians can do and say whatever they want, we pay their wages but have absolutely no control of how they perform their duties. They don’t work for us, they never did, they all lie to get onto the “paid for life” bandwagon, honest people do not become politicians, and as shown by the attacks on JC, honest people are not wanted in politics.

    1. mike

      Do honest people want to be part of this society that seems to value dishonesty, run on duplicity, destroy morality, entrench & extend inequality? Do they want their eternal soul tarnished by their complicity in rejecting the neediest, the refugees, by refusing to help the helpless?
      Then perhaps it is time to say “Pharoah, let my people go”?
      Or be known to posterity as the people who did nothing while civilization crumbled around them.

  4. Billie Dale Wakefield

    yes I noticed this faux pas immediately it came out of her mouth – very low blow, that will blow back …. low and personal.

  5. mike hamblett

    It was appalling today (prime minister questions) – I felt that if I ever got near Mrs May I wouldn’t be able to stop lashing out. Contempt and cruelty, utter lies and not an ounce of integrity. My answer to ‘how low can she get’ would be ‘Mariana Trench’ depths.

  6. hallanos

    Is it cold cruelty alone or is it plain ignorance of how hurtful it can be when one’s children are used so cynically in such a public attack?

  7. Patricia Cockayne

    Reading May’s biog it seems that she too went to a Grammar School, in Wheatley. Pots – Kettles – Black!

  8. Peter Atkin

    Shame, not sure may aganda but its not for England or its people, very poor show may especily since i seems to rember that you got effectly allowed into power becouse of a simlar in vain comment directed at you.

  9. craig

    it shows her real colours, heartless and couldn’t give a monkey about her fellow human beings

  10. joanna

    I would like wish the family of the police officer who died today, peace and condolences during the coming days and weeks, and I hope all those who were injured today, a swift and complete recovery!! My heart goes out to all of those who were affected by the terrorist attack!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      For clarity: The Westminster attack happened hours after Prime Minister’s Questions and the publication of This Site’s article on that subject.
      It seems clear that you are trying to score a cheap political point.
      Shame on you, sir.

    2. mike hamblett

      Glad to see Mike Sivier has put you straight on the timing of events. Life must go on, the fact remains that May was deceitful, ignorant and mendacious. We need to highlight the continuous terrorism of Tory sadists aimed at the weakest in society.

  11. Terry Casey (@tcliverpool)

    PMQs is not fit for purpose, it is 5 questions were the PM refuses to answer on anything and the 6th to attack the opposition leader where he can not or refuses to retort, It was the norm for Cameron who had some charisma but it just falls flat for the shrill we have as a PM now, she is below contempt. ,

  12. Derek Robinson

    It’s not just the nastiness either; it’s her complete absence of any political argument.

  13. Tony Palmer

    Yet another sign of the Decline of our Civilisation. All Europe seems to be turning to the Right. There’s a mad dangerous clown in charge of America, and we have this wicked uncaring May running Britain. The house of cards is trembling, and noone seems to care!

  14. Darren

    With that kind of acid inside her, erupting to the surface in a televised setting, it’s no wonder she’s never had children of her own. Anything conceived would have been instantly dissolved!

  15. Rose

    Getting divorced because you couldn’t resolve an argument about which school to send your child to seems unbelievably childish and stupid to me and doesn’t speak well of Corbyn’s stability, good sense and maturity. If that really is true, Mike, it’s yet another nail in Corbyn-the-Leader’s coffin.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Making a snap judgement of somebody’s character, based on a single snippet of information about them, might strike other people as “unbelievably childish and stupid”, also. If you knew the full details, you might have a point, but it seems abundantly clear that you don’t.

  16. Darren

    I don’t know what you have against me, Mike, but the fact that I bother to read, share and comment on your articles is something that I thought would have been an acknowledgement, by me, of their value. To see my7 comments deleted without any indication of the reason is disappointing, to say the least. I never did condone censorship.

    I suppose I was wrong, and will be unsubscribing from your blog. I see no point in wasting further time on your output.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I have nothing against you; I have not seen your comments (other than this one); I suspect WordPress may have dumped them into the Trash file automatically, for reasons known only to its filter system.
      I don’t condone censorship either.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I think we can tell who this bozo supports.
      Yes – Vox Political for the people – and you are clearly for yourself and little else.

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