Hide your face in shame, UKIP: ‘ban the burka’ pledge turns party into (more of) a laughing stock

Mr Nuttall? We have some questions [Image: Dumfries and Galloway Standard].

There will be few chances for humour in this year’s general election campaign, so we mustn’t let UKIP’s howler pass without getting the best from it.

If you don’t know the story, here it is, courtesy of the Mirror:

Beekeepers have demanded Ukip clarify their policy on banning face coverings, after leader Paul Nuttall’s chaotic election campaign launch.

Deputy party leader Peter Whittle said the burka was ‘a potent symbol of female oppression’, and wearing full face veils would be banned if Ukip were in charge.

But the British Beekeepers Association expressed concern about the policy, saying it would need a clear exemption for […] members.

Martin Smith, Public Affairs Director for the Association, said: “I think in practical terms any such policy would have to have a series of exemptions for people who used ‘Burqa type’ clothing for their work.

“This would include beekeepers and others using personal protective equipment for their work or indeed leisure activities.”

Source: Beekeepers demand Ukip clarify policy on banning face coverings

Oh dear. Beekeepers banned from using protection? Isn’t that against the Health and Safety at Work Act?

Worse was to follow for Paul Nuttall and his increasingly-less-merry band, as Twitter got in on the act:



And while we’re at it, what’s all this about? See:


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14 thoughts on “Hide your face in shame, UKIP: ‘ban the burka’ pledge turns party into (more of) a laughing stock

  1. Jt Zoonie

    Its funny because I can’t go in anywhere with my motercycle helmet on. What’s the difference. Neither the burka or nighb are required under Islamic law.
    If you pull up on a bike and need to nip into somewhere quick. Why can’t I keep my helmit on.
    Been banned from going into place’s why was it never people with similar face covering headgear where banned

    1. joanna

      Because there Are some evil nut jobs in the world, a person who hides their face for whatever reason , is a bit threatening. For you, wouldn’t it be easier to take off your helmet and carry it?

      Six countries have banned the Burqa, why shouldn’t we?

    2. Tony Dean

      I was refused petrol at a well known supermarket petrol station until I took my helmet off.
      I had a BIG row with the management about it. Point one was if they put a rack by each petrol pump, to place my crash helmet I would comply.
      I had no objection to taken my helmet off when going to pay for petrol.
      Point two would they serve petrol to a car driver if they had their face covered.
      (That second point had them going into reverse gear fast.)
      My personal opinion is having one’s face obscured in a public place should be banned.

  2. joanna

    Mike the report in the Graun say that UKIP wants to ban the Burqa and sharia courts! I disagree with Ukip on almost everything, but on this they have a point! Would you want sharia law here.

    In my opinion it is enough that we live with a language barrier but do we also have to let go of our own customs just to make people coming here feel more comfortable, shouldn’t they also compromise, especially as there is No religious dictate that says a woman has to cover their face.


    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      We don’t have sharia law here.
      Nor do we dictate to people how they wear their clothes.

  3. Barry Davies

    Well of course if you want to you can make fun of anything, but there is a good reason to ban these bin bags, after you can’t wear a crash hat when you pay for fuel if you go inside the pay area so why should you be allowed to cover your face entirely? This is divisive and sikhs who have to take off their turbans to wear a crash hat can’t be expected to replace it every time they get on and off the bike can they?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      “Ban these bin bags”? Bit racist, that, isn’t it?
      And don’t start banging on about there being only one human race – you know perfectly well what is meant.

  4. Liam

    Mike, I think you’d find that if it came to a vote, a majority of the country would want a ban on the full veil.

    1. Tony Dean

      Well I am 68 years old and I have never seen anyone wearing a Turban riding a motorcycle in Britain.

  5. rotzeichen

    When the country has just lost something like 600 manufacturing jobs, UKIP’s main policy plank is abolishing the burka.

    It clearly shows the real values they hold, hate campaigns they think will win them votes.

    We had a local UKIP candidate writing in our local paper, that Ken Loach’s film did not depict a Muslim in it, and I had to point out to him the film wasn’t based on racial grounds; but the impact of this governments cuts to benefits and forcing very sick people back into work, causing their premature death.

    Needles to say I assumed from their attack on this film, that Muslims were going to feature in their election propaganda campaign.

    But they aren’t racists of course.

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