Theresa May thinks pensioners are stupid enough to support her. Is she right?

Okay – Theresa May hasn’t actually said the words in the infographic above. But it’s basically what she intends to do.

We know she won’t promise to maintain the pensions ‘triple-lock’ – meaning she wants to cut the amount paid to senior citizens.

She has already trashed social care.

She is well on the way to trashing the NHS in England.

Is she really right to believe pensioners are stupid enough to vote for their own impoverishment anyway?

I don’t think so.

I think pensioners will be voting Labour on June 8.

If you know a pensioner who is planning to vote Conservative…

Show them this image and ask them, politely, to think again.

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14 thoughts on “Theresa May thinks pensioners are stupid enough to support her. Is she right?

  1. Dez

    Yes the Cons do believe there is a huge lemming factor out there captured when a Tory used the word “Plebs” when insulting Downing street police officer who was doing his job. It really is wakey wakey time guys ‘n gals the Brexit element of the voting can be parked up just focus on the unearned power a vote for the Cons will
    do to real ordinary folk.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      “Focus on the unearned power a vote for the Cons will do to real ordinary folk”? I don’t understand.

      1. Mephisto

        I think he/she is referring to the excessive focus on brexit during this GE to the detriment of almost everything else (such as the damage pointed out in your article)

  2. Christine Cullen

    I’m afraid there are an awful lot of older voters out there “who are stupid enough to vote for their own impoverishment.” They hark back to Thatcher, remember they were able to buy their cut price council house and go to the Costa del Sol every year to eat fish ‘n chips! They have been scared by the press about Jeremy Corbyn and the Tory machine’s demonisation of him, and fear the unions. When you engage them you begin to realise that too many are simply a lost cause.

    The priority should perhaps be to concentrate on the younger members of the electorate who don’t normally vote but are showing definite signs of political awareness and the unfairness of our society. I’ve given up on my cousins (I’m almost 70) and concentrate on my nephews, nieces and their children. It’s their future and they are beginning to wake up.

    Of course we shouldn’t give up with brainwashed pensioners who have read the Sun and the Mail daily for decades and swallowed the lies, but it’s my experience that we do need to prioritise where we concentrate our efforts.

  3. Barry Davies

    Well let’s be honest a large proportion of tory voters are pensioners, and they are unlikely to change a lifetime of voting preferences.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Why not?
      Everybody is supposed to vote for the candidate and the party they think will do the most good.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        You do realise you just made a fool of yourself in front of 25,000 people, don’t you? A duff assertion, no argument to support it, and an insult… Are you the best the Tories can put up?

  4. hugosmum70

    wellllllllllll. i and a good number of my fb friends are pensioners and most if not all are voting labour judging by how they go on about what an evil woman May is and Cameron and Osbourne and IDS. Gove and the rest of them. a fair number have said they will be voting Labour too. i am digging away at my brother and my friend over the way. one an out n out conservative businessman the other racist who says hes voting ukip.,. the latter is however dead set against the conservatives. told him voting for ukip is a lost vote tho one less for the wont get Labour in and we need THEM to reverse what the cons have done. ukip are not big enough to win the election waste of time if he wants change. the immigration problem is only one issue. what about the rest. he doesnt believe the cons will sell the NHS(will not are mind _ but ive told him they already are.dunno how much notice hes taking….. got a feeling hes one of these men who think women shouldnt be involved in politics. (must ask him outright)

  5. NMac

    Sadly Mike I think many pensioners will, despite everything, still vote Tory. They’ve had a lifetime of Tory propaganda and It’s like propaganda fed turkeys voting for Christmas.

  6. Lynn Dye

    Well, here is one pensioner who certainly won’t be voting for May, but then I have never voted Tory and never would.
    Maybe, Mike, we should also be reminding any pensioners in social housing that they will be hit by the bedroom tax in 2019 if this evil lot get back in?

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