Let’s all agree Jeremy Corbyn HAS got what it takes to be a great leader

Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour’s manifesto “For the many, not the few”.

It’s bizarre – isn’t it? – the amount of anti-Corbyn propaganda getting blown in our faces right now.

“Corbyn? Nah – he’s no leader.” “He hasn’t got what it takes – I heard it on the radio.”

Oh, really?

What about last year, when members of his own Parliamentary party tried to stab him in the back and throw him out? If he didn’t have what it takes to be a great leader… he’d have gone.

He didn’t go. He stood his ground. And he won – a bigger victory than before.

I’m thinking about this because of my own current situation. For those not in the know, I was accused of anti-Semitism by an organisation calling itself the Campaign Against Antisemitism – for political ends; to stop me from gaining a seat on the local county council. When the accusation hit, there was a lot of pressure against me – especially on the internet. Now, I’m trying to get justice because the accusations were illegal, and I’m having a hard time getting anywhere because of police disinterest.

The pressure is intense. My good name has been smeared and it seems the authorities are keen to rebuff any attempt to rectify the situation. It’s extremely stressful.

And it is nothing like the kind of pressure Mr Corbyn must have faced.

He had people shouting in his face that he should leave. He faced a co-ordinated campaign among members of the party opposed to his leadership, who worked hard to cut his supporters out of the voter base in the leadership election last year. And he had the mass media clamouring for his (metaphorical) scalp every day.

You have to be strong to keep going through all that – and keep faith with your supporters.

Jeremy Corbyn stayed strong. He kept the faith. And he won.

Now he is treated like a rock star wherever he goes.

This is how Leeds welcomed Jeremy Corbyn on May 15.

His policies – revealed in the Labour manifesto – are hugely popular.

But he is still dogged by these moaning minnies, whining that “he’s no leader”.

Somebody should give those people a history lesson.

And me?

Well, I have always said the best form of leadership is leadership by example.

If Jeremy Corbyn can stick it out and win, then so can I.

And so can the rest of us.

Don’t forget to vote Labour on June 8.

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26 thoughts on “Let’s all agree Jeremy Corbyn HAS got what it takes to be a great leader

  1. joanna

    I rang Karl Turner’s office today, I asked a couple of questions and then I asked if the Labour party is behind Jeremy, the man I spoke to said that finally and to his relief that Yes everyone is supporting Jeremy, he also said that it is in everyone’s best interest to do so.

    I know what it is like getting zero justice from the police, that is why I am suing them right now.

    Good luck to you friend, you have brightened a lot of people’s lives! I know at least a couple of your articles have literally saved my life!! (please excuse the pun)

  2. Thomas

    Corbyn is not perfect but nearly all his ideas are good. The only negative things are that strengthening the unions might cause lots of strikes and implementing the Leveson ideas will gag the UK press totally. Other then that his ideas are fantastic.

  3. Martin

    Electoral Calculus predict a Tory majority of 170 with Labour losing 70 seats.

    Jeremy Corbyn is leading Labour to an historically massive defeat.

    I don’t think that this is a sign of a “great leader”, Mike.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, but then you’re a naysayer, either unable to think for yourself or desperate for Corbyn to lose, from the tone of your comment.

  4. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    There are two types who won’t agree and they are the super rich multi-million pound yacht and multiple home owners; mostly with off-shore accounts and those who are so ignorant that they want to vote for film stars and have no real care for the community in general.

    Jeremy Corbyn is the best thing that has happened to the Labour party and the country since it was formed!

    Jeremy Corbyn is our one and only chance of taking the country back from the greedy abusers of privilege by the few for the vast majority of the many who are suffering so badly under the Conservatives.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      He’s entitled to his opinion.
      He probably came to it after listening to naysayers like your good self.

      1. Rose

        McCluskey is one of Jeremy Corbyn’s most powerful and significant backers, Mike. He is NO Tory and has access to all of the information available to Unison, the trade union he currently leads.

  5. jeffrey davies

    ah corbyn while taken control his mps stab him in the back while talking on tv they try also to derail him but stays on course yes the papers the radio all attack him oh whot a person while all about attack stab him he stays the course leads the party through if thats not a leader then whot is

  6. Rob

    Having heard him give several speeches I’ve never had any doubt about it , ’twas only ever the Blairites /red Tories that smeared him
    I hope that come whatever on the 9th June that his work will continue in modernising and democratising the Labour Party

  7. Bookworm

    My thoughts too. To stay true to his principles in the face of the abusive bullying he’s had since being elected-twice! he’s shown hes cool under intense pressure. You want someone with those qualities as a leader, coupled with compassion for others. No wonder the Tories hate him.

    1. joanna

      I watched a video on YouTube, someone asked how he is dealing with the pressure, He said

      “real pressure is being a single parent, being unfairly sanctioned and having no food for your children. That is pressure, as well as all the other injustices that have happened in the last 7+ years”!!!

  8. marcusdemowbray

    In today’s media if a Leader is not questioned about anything that means he/she is a strong Leader. A Leader who is questioned or asked to account for his/her actions is pounced on for being weak. People seem to have lost all memory of “Triumph Through Adversity”. I consider that if May had had to go through a normal Leadership contest against good experienced rivals she would have floundered. She is so clearly uncomfortable, nervous and unstable.

  9. NMac

    It’s precisely because he is a great leader that the right wing press and media are conducting such a malicious and very dishonest campaign to denigrate him. There are many working people who believe the nonsense spouted in the media, but there are a great many more who don’t believe it at all.

  10. jay

    All the very best to you Mr. Sivier. I am sure there are many people who are quietly horrified at the way you are being smeared, as they are over the naked, organised campaign to try to ‘end’ Jeremy Corbyn and suffocate what little democracy we have left.
    As your great article points out: It hasn’t worked, and has educated all of us who are watching about the wretched depths to which people will stoop to in order to curtail political freedom.
    Thankyou for your diligent and inciteful journalism which fills a vital part of the void of political analysis today. This new Dark Age of in-your-face lying has been made more bearable for me by brave speakers like you.

  11. mozzas01

    The Tory press have done their best to manipulate the British public and, sadly, there are still many who believe anything they read in the nationals and don’t comprehend that they are being played.
    Corbyn is seen as a threat to the establishment because he’s motivating the working people who, for a long time, have had no political representation as Blair was a sell-out. At last, a political leader who speaks for the ordinary working people of the UK and he has vast support that will not be reported by the nationals, but has a lot of coverage via social media.
    Let’s hope that June 8th sees all these supporters get the result we all need.

  12. Richard Ford

    What never fails to amaze me is the fact that some people say (paraphrasing) “yes I like the policies of the Labour Party and I think that Jeremy Corbyn is an honest sincere politician but I can’t vote for him because he just isn’t a leader”. What you don’t hear them saying is “no I really don’t like the thought of another five years of needless and destructive austerity or the privatisation of the NHS, and I can tell that Theresa May is insincere and a liar too boot so I couldn’t possibly bring myself to vote Tory”. What the hell is all that about??

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You never hear the latter because the BBC and the billionaires who control most of the UK’s mass media don’t want you to.

  13. Dan

    I’m no fan of our sitting Labour MP – Blaenau Gwent’s Nick Smith, a minor player in the anti-Corbyn “chicken coup”. I had pretty much decided to vote Plaid again, as I have at the last few elections. But now I’m wavering thanks to the Labour manifesto and may well hold my nose (still don’t like Nick Smith) and vote Labour for the first time in years, if ever – and that will be entirely down to Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. I suspect there may be many people thinking along the same lines.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s great, Dan.
      To be honest, I would have preferred it if constituency Labour parties had had a chance to deselect MPs they thought had let the party down – and you have to wonder whether Theresa May’s decision to have a ‘snap’ election wasn’t partly based on the knowledge that this wouldn’t happen and Labour supporters would be asked to support people they don’t want.
      Best way to beat her is to do what SHE doesn’t want.

  14. Vinnie Foggarty

    Hello Mike, before I type in my note for you, I point out, to someone called Rose who commented yesterday, that Ian McCluskey was misquoted. Deliberately misquoted in the worst possible way. There are places on the net where she can view the reality of Ian McCluskey’s statements. Ok?
    Now, Mike, it appears to me that what you have had to tolerate thus far is defamation of character. This can be catastrophic to a person’s reputation, which in turn leads to a multitude of other minor and major difficulties. The reluctance of the police to act on your complaints is indicative of their couldn’t care less attitude. Or is it because they are over worked and underpaid? Regardless, this is a massive setback for you on a professional and personal level, the two going hand in hand in situations such as yours.
    I, too, have had problems with the police failing to act on my behalf. In my case, my complaints were of prolonged and horrific sexual violence. The police woman was smiling at me when she told me that the perpetrators said I was mad. Then she mimicked the head shake that one of the perpetrators had showed her. Then she said, the case is closed as we feel there is no crime to report. They covered up the evidence, which was available, ‘mislaid’ paperwork etc. I have had to change my identity and move over 300 miles away to avoid intimidation and more violence.
    I might not be next to you physically, but in my heart, I am standing right by your side, adding my voice to yours. You do not need my sympathy, but you have my admiration for staying strong.
    Lecture over, go and partake of refreshments!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It’s not that huge a setback for me because most people simply don’t believe a word of the allegations against me.
      That being said, I obviously want my name cleared of any questionable claims.
      I’m sorry to read about your experience, but don’t worry – I will demand justice.
      Yes, I think I’ll have a cuppa now.

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