Vox Political writer’s call for justice is rejected by police – who can’t even get their excuse right

The police line is that they won’t uphold the law for ordinary people – only for the privileged. Am I right? [Image: Getty.]

No doubt you’ll all be aware that This Writer’s bid to become a Powys county councillor was derailed because of false statements made about my personal character and behaviour, contrary to s.106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983, by an organisation called the Campaign Against Antisemitism.

In accordance with the law I made a complaint to the police, and fully expected all those responsible for the allegations to face prosecution.

Now look at this load of drivel I’ve just received from the police:

“Dear Mr Sivier,

“I apologise for not responding to your email earlier.

“As you are no doubt aware Section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983 makes it an illegal practice for a person to make or publish any false statement of fact in relation to the personal character or conduct of a candidate rather than the political character or conduct.

“I have today spoken to Mr John Stolliday of the Labour Party compliance unit. He has confirmed to me that you have been suspended by the Party pending an internal investigation.

“In light of these facts it would be inappropriate for the Police to engage in an investigation.”

Except, of course and as this police officer should well know if he has been in touch with Labour compliance, the allegations against me do not relate to anything I have done in connection with my membership of the political party but are, indeed, (false) claims about my personal views and behaviour affected by those views.

My response:

“As the Labour Party suspension also relates to my personal character and behaviour, your excuse is nonsense.

“Please provide me with the name of your superior officer if you do not feel up to the job.”

You can’t see this but I am actually shaking with rage at the injustice of this.

It seems to me that the officer concerned either can’t be bothered or is actually seeking to pervert the course of justice.

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16 thoughts on “Vox Political writer’s call for justice is rejected by police – who can’t even get their excuse right

  1. John Spencer-Davis

    Mike: you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

    I am sorry this has happened and I am sure you are angry and right to be angry.

    Try not to antagonise the police. The matter is presumably not over yet and you may need them.

    Best, John

  2. Glynis Millward

    What the actual fu*k! I am seething with anger for you Mike. You know the name of your accuser don’t you? If so, contact police headquarters and tell them you want the person issued with a police information notice (PIN) on the grounds that their actions amounted to harassment as they caused you alarm and distress. A PIN (more about that here – ) http://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN06411
    stays on the individuals PNC (police national computer) it does not show on a CRB check but will show up on an enhanced check.

  3. rotzeichen

    Mike: we all face the same problem in the party, that is people who have an anti Corbyn agenda can make accusations with impunity. We must make sure that delegates to conference are not outgunned by these people. We can then rid ourselves of those that abuse their position within the party. It will take time but I hope parties around the country recognise what needs to be done and move quickly after the election to put all their delegates in place.

  4. Rupert Mitchell


    You have my sympathies and I can only wish you well in pursuing your action.

    Without your accurate and most informative comments s throughout the years we would be fighting an even more uphill journey for fairness and getting people to realize how important it is for Labour, under Jeremy Corbyn, to win this coming election. The Party and all sincere members owe you a great deal.

    Best wishes,

  5. Sven Wraight

    I hope this piglet’s senior is an honest cop because if corruption is too widespread, they’ll be no Allied Forces rescuing this nation from fascism.
    I recommend a personal appearance at the police station based on the fact they’ve repeatedly fobbed me off with letters before now. Maybe if they see your face, it’ll become personal and they’ll do the right thing…

  6. Dez

    Most likely yet another to lazy or to dumb to act with any professional attitude to justice. Two worse recent national disgraceful fails where lacklustre police action led to two females being murdered by their ex boyfriends despite the victims numerous harrassment claims. In one case the idiot police actually fined the girl for wasting police time by keep asking the police for help. Hopefully they waived their outrageous fine when they found her murdered remains. I do despair the police have turned into another government fail not helped by Mother T cutting the forces down to an unworkable number where they are forced to bodge, fob off and prioritise their work..

  7. jeffrey davies

    bl;air brought many things now wanted to labour but most of all hes corrupted local labour peoples who wont go greed the gravy train theyl not get off but they done their mud slinging well hiding behind that wall we just have to hope corbyn wins atleast then we can start to rid the local labour party of these vile people jeff3

  8. NMac

    Now, if you had been a Tory I expect the Police attitude would have been very different.

  9. Barry Davies

    It seems to be that the Officer has spoken to someone at the Labour Party and has accepted their claims verbatim, rather than actually investigating your complaint, which means he believes them not you. It isn’t his job to decide whether he should proceed or not based on a he said she said scenario.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      But there shouldn’t BE any claims coming from Labour, as Labour hasn’t made any allegations against me.
      I agree that he seems to have accepted whatever they said, and you’re right that he shouldn’t have.

  10. Roy Beiley

    Are the police saying that the matter is sub judice because some kangaroo court within the LP has said it is dealing with the matter? Hell’s Bells if so. I would have thought that no matter what the LP are up to, the police should be proceeding with a claim under Section 106 as their lawful duty. I hope you rattle a few cages n your local constabulary.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      They’re saying it’s not a crime under s.106 of the Representation of the People Act as the false comments made about me refer to my POLITICAL character and behaviour, rather than my personal character/behaviour – based on the fact that the Labour Party has suspended me, pending an investigation into… my PERSONAL character and behaviour.
      You can see that it’s nonsense and yes, I will be taking this matter further.

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