Tory ‘Manifesto of Misery’ prompts huge reaction – AGAINST Theresa May

[Image ‘fixed’ by John Prescott.]

Let’s have a quick reminder of what the Tory manifesto launch revealed, shall we?

A major issue in the manifesto is the plan for a “Dementia Tax”, using the value of people’s houses to pay for their in-home care – to be paid after the cared-for person has died. Labour’s Angela Rayner clarified the situation on the BBC’s Question Time:

Here’s how one caller to LBC reacted to it:

And there’s this:

David Schneider has a satirical take on what to do:

The manifesto promises less money for the National Health Service. Here’s one response:

Free school meals will disappear under a Tory government, leading to a new nickname for Mrs May:

The Tories have promised to build 500,000 new houses, if elected. How well have they managed over the last few years? Here’s your answer:

Cartoonist Steve Bell had this to say about Mrs May’s manifesto – and its obvious undertones:

If you want an all-encompassing picture, try this:

Or this:

This last one is hard to watch, but I think it makes a very important point about the kind of country Theresa May talks about, and the kind of country that she and her Con cronies actually create:

That is how people feel about Theresa May, her party, and their miserable manifesto.

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21 thoughts on “Tory ‘Manifesto of Misery’ prompts huge reaction – AGAINST Theresa May

  1. joanna

    In the debate on ITV Nut job nuttall was saying that Jeremy Corbyn was in collusion with Theresa May! That can’t be right?!!!

  2. Mark Waters

    The Problem for Corbyn and the Labour Party here in Scotland is that in a number of Councils including mine the Labour Councillors have joined with the Conservatives to run them..
    Great post Mike

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m afraid I can’t comment on the situation you describe in Scotland.
      Here in Powys, Labour did everything in its power to stop the Tories taking control in a deal with certain ‘Independents’.

      1. Joan Edington

        The situation in Scotland is that the unionist parties have only one thing on their manifestos. “Stop the SNP”. They are so intent on taking SNP seats that they will give the Tories extra seats in Westminster, nullifying gains made by Labour elsewhere, simply for their SNP vendetta. They call themselves unionists but are selfishly not thinking of the whole UK at all.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        That is such a load of egotistical hogwash.
        The Labour Party has only one thing on its mind and that is:
        “STOP THE TORIES!”
        The SNP doesn’t really figure in it.

      3. Joan Edington

        I am not being egotistical at all. I never mentioned my personal opinion; only the facts. The Labour party in Scotland is not acting as the party is in the rest of the UK. . In some constituencies, where Labour know they haven’t a chance, they are asking their voters to vote Tory simply to keep the SNP out. And vice versa. You couldn’t make it up. If you really think the SNP doesn’t figure in the election in Scotland I don’t know what planet you’ve been living on. I know we’re just a tiny minority beside England, but every seat possibly handed to the Tories in this way is still a national setback.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        Sorry, but I don’t believe the talk about asking people to vote for another party; it is an expulsion offence for any Labour member to advocate voting against Labour. This talk has been going around during the last few elections, always generated by supporters of the SNP – who have something to gain by suggesting it.
        I didn’t say the SNP doesn’t figure in the Scottish election – just that it doesn’t figure in Labour’s strategy, which is: “We want to win as many seats as we can”.
        And I apologise if I wasn’t clear, but I meant it is egotistical of the SNP to believe anything else of Labour.
        I can’t speak for the other parties and it is wrong of you to lump them all together.

      5. Joan Edington

        It is not SNP supporters that I am referring to. Our only Labour MP, Ian Murray, admittedly a Blairite and not fit for the title Labour, and Kezia Dugdale have both been caught suggesting this tactical voting.
        In Kezza’s words, “in the vast majority of seats over Scotland, he only party that can beat the SNP is the Labour Party. In some areas, such as Borders and Highlands, the Tories might be better placed”. Since Borders is my own constituency, I find this particularly irksome. I do not want the Tory, that has tried and failed several times before, as my MP.
        Kezza has already suspended several councillors for going into coalitions with the Tories at local level, for the rule you mentioned, but is sailing close to the wind herself.

      6. Mike Sivier Post author

        I think I’d like to see links to reputable sources for what you’re saying these people have said.

  3. Jacky

    The truth is that some of these changes are necessary and May believes that she is popular enough now to win an election to do them. The triple-lock on pensions cannot be sustained forever; social care for people with valuable assets should not be paid for out of taxes from those with modest incomes. Both Labour and the Conservatives will have to borrow to fund their agendas and postpone deficit reduction for many years.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Which changes are necessary now, Jacky?
      Do you really think taking away the principle of universal social care is worth the cost of expensive and pointless means tests?
      Labour will borrow to invest in projects that will cut both the deficit and the debts; the Tories borrow to put you in debt.

    2. P. Hughes

      Typical, to fry to find the worst in a Manifesto and avoid telling the full story. Only 12 weeks are free in Scotland in a care home. If you have spend your life paying a mortgage in order to leave your family with some security when you pass away the Scottish government will take it all. With the new Tory proposal your family will be left with maximum of £100,000. It is not mentioned that School Lunches will be replaced with free Breakfasts. We have a problem of buying too much from foreign countries and not enough of our home produced goods. Wonderful Scottish knitwear companies were lost because the public chose to buy goods from abroad. Buy home produced goods first in order to save jobs and lessen the measures having to be taken to balance the books.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        £100,000 is not enough to buy a new house. A free breakfast is not the same as a free dinner. The Tories are taking more and giving less, every time.
        That’s not finding the worst; that’s seeing it as it is.
        If you want people to buy home-produced goods, tell the supermarkets and the wholesalers that are buying foreign goods at the moment in order to maximise their profits. Don’t try to blame the poor people who have to choose among what they’re offered.

      2. joanna

        Are you trying to say that breakfast will last all day? A child needs more than that, unless you propose to feed children vegetables at breakfast. As for the social care why have people been paying National insurance all their working lives, oh and even the unemployed pay NI it is paid before anyone gets their benefits!!!

  4. Barry Davies

    Well the Tory manifesto has not been costed, it is more likely to be a fiscal disaster than the labour one which was independently costed

  5. NMac

    Who in their right mind, unless they are a millionaire, is going to vote for these Tory fraudsters?

  6. wildswimmerpete

    Looking at that Question Time clip, I’m sure that was the very Unpriti Patel, who mooted that pensioners should be made to work for their (already paid for) State pensions, presumably until the day they die then the Dementia Tax will confiscate their homes and possessions. It’s all coming together nicely. I noticed Patel looking daggers at Angela Rayner.

  7. Dez

    I have seen several quotes now that the Cons lacklustre and malicious manifesto, coupled with Mother T’s total arrogance, it is so Kamikaze that she might actually be trying to lose this election thus handing the poison Brexit chalice over to JC and the Labour party. Way out thinking perhaps but something inside me feels having the real population vote positively on something, that the politicians and commercial interests thought would never happen, has left a massive problem of how to politically reverse engines on something that has been democratically agreed by the population. Cons have not got anything positive left to bribe votes only the nasty stuff that is always left to last to roll out. If they duck out of Brexit, by losing the election this time around, Labour will be left to swallow the Brexit poison pill which maybe the Cons have already worked out is politically flawed and fatal such they will never be elected again. Impossible? If we had proportional representation I think, on the current labour manifesto, Labour would be having the landslide but left holding the baby………..PS Very moving impactful last video .

  8. Joan Edington

    I hope EL4C hasn’t jinxed the election by choosing that Scottish Indy Ref 1 slogan “Hope not Fear”. It didn’t do us much good. I’m glad to hear that at least one Tory pensioner voter has switched. I suspect they have at last lost their guaranteed crumblies vote (I say that as a crumbly myself who has never voted Tory in my puff).

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