Tories are a danger to the NHS and our schools. Here are the reasons

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Jeremy Corbyn put the spotlight on the National Health Service and schools – exposing facts that the Conservatives would rather hide behind a lot of Brexit-related posturing.

In a speech today, Mr Corbyn laid out exactly what the Conservatives have been doing:

And he told us what five more years of Tories would bring:

According to Labour, the choice at the election is stark. The Tories have no plan to properly fund our public services, pushing them further into crisis. Labour will take a different approach, rebuilding public services for the many by modest tax rises for companies and the richest five per cent.

Labour will invest £37 billion in our NHS and take one million people off the waiting list by the end of the next Parliament.
Labour will invest £8 billion in social care over the course of the next Parliament and lay the foundations of a National Care Service to integrate health and social care.
Labour will cap class sizes at 30 for 5-, 6- and 7-year-olds.
Labour will provide free school meals to all primary school children by removing VAT exemption on private school fees.

And remember – all these policies have been fully-costed, unlike any of the Conservatives’ plans.

Mr Corbyn said: “Labour will invest in our people, schools and hospitals. We will cut class sizes, take a million people off the NHS waiting list and ensure people get the care they deserve.

“By contrast another five years of the Tories would be disastrous for our public services. At the rate we’re going we could see 5.5 million people on the English waiting list and 1.5 million older people with unmet care needs. And young people and their families face the prospect of more overcrowding in schools and having to pick up the bill for the Tories’ unfair plan to scrap free school meals for hundreds of thousands of children.

“On June 8, there’s only one party that will improve our public services for the many not the few, that’s the Labour Party.”

Labour has written a full analysis on the threat to our schools and hospitals posed by five more years of the Conservatives. You can find it at:


  1. Damien Willey May 31, 2017 at 11:40 am - Reply

    Didn’t see it but did he draw attention to the Naylor report?

  2. Dez May 31, 2017 at 11:54 am - Reply

    One would hope the army of civil servants would see the writing on the wall and vote for their own job protection having seen many of their colleagues joing the dole or perhaps some are taking some of their inflation proofed final salary pensions early along with the usual golden handshake paid for for every courtesy of the tax payers. I hope this lucrative pension situation is dealt with robustly, as it has in the private sector, they cannot keep running away from dealing with this very expensive pension situation that just adds to the cost of public services. I can understand the reluctance of the people who enjoy this lucrative benefit not wanting to end this nice little earner but it is time to wake up….perhaps that is why privatisation projects
    make some ground as their contract staff will not be lumbered with final salary

  3. TMD June 1, 2017 at 11:00 am - Reply

    I hope people vote for fairness in this country and not for a ”Government who’s hell bent on more destruction for the next five years!!

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