Tories are getting desperate as poll lead is slashed to just ONE point

That’s right – the Tories lead Labour by just ONE point, according to the latest Survation poll.

Here’s Reuters‘ take on it:

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives have a lead of just one percentage point over the opposition Labour Party ahead of the June 8 election, according to a Survation poll conducted for the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

The poll showed said May’s lead had fallen sharply from a lead of 12 percentage points in the previous Survation/Mail on Sunday poll published on May 21.

In the new poll, support for the Conservatives stood at 40 percent, down six percentage points and Labour were on 39 percent, up five points.

The online poll of 1,049 people was carried out on June 3.

Perhaps that’s why the Tories have fallen to a new low in their latest attack advert:

Labour has accused the Conservatives of creating “fake news” after a Tory attack video that went viral was edited to show Jeremy Corbyn refusing to condemn the IRA, when in fact the Labour leader said: “I condemn all the bombing by the loyalists and the IRA.”

The 85-second montage of Corbyn’s quotes has been circulating online for the last week and has been viewed 5.3m times, three times more than any other political campaign video. The Conservatives are also paying Facebook to insert it into people’s news feeds. It is subtitled: “On June 9th, this man could be Prime Minister. We can’t let that happen.”

It includes a clip from Corbyn’s appearance on Sky News last month when interviewer Sophy Ridge asked whether he could “condemn unequivocally the IRA”. The Labour leader said: “Look, bombing is wrong, all bombing is wrong, of course I condemn it.” Ridge responded: “But you’re condemning all bombing, can you condemn the IRA without equating it to.” Corbyn said: “No.”

The clip was cut off there but the full quote was: “No, I think what you have to say is all bombing has to be condemned and you have to bring about a peace process. Listen, in the 1980s Britain was looking for a military solution, it clearly was never going to work. Ask anyone in the British army at the time … I condemn all the bombing by the loyalists and the IRA.”

Here’s the ad:

And here’s the actual interview:

This is the same tactic used against This Writer by the scurrilous individuals (supported by the Conservative candidate for the Brecon and Radnorshire Parliamentary seat, Chris Davies) who accused me of supporting anti-Semitism in the run-up to the local government elections last month.

I believe it may be known as “quote mining” – taking comments out of context, or trimming them down in order to make it seem the person being quoted is saying the opposite of what they actually said.

Boil it down to the basics and it’s just another tawdry Tory lie.

Put it in context and you can see that the Conservative Party is getting desperate.

And rightly so.

They’ve just given us all another reason to vote Labour on June 8.

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15 thoughts on “Tories are getting desperate as poll lead is slashed to just ONE point

  1. Stu

    Unfortunately, over the next few days there will be much more of this and worse, bullies don’t like losing.

    Best you can do is say to anyone who will listen……
    “Do you want 5 more years of what you’ve already had or 5 years in a different direction that may bring hope and much needed relief to many? ”

    Remember Einstein was credited with saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” – I rest my case !

  2. joanna

    I am so sick and tired of lazy journalist asking the same question again and again!!! She should be sacked because she obviously doesn’t understand english, and what she is doing borders on harassment!!!!

  3. Florence

    The poll also predicted 309 Labour seats, and the Tories a long way from a majority – just the opposite.

    However, I’m expecting the campaign and even the election to be suspended after the incidents in Borough and London Bridge.

      1. Rusty

        Ask yourself! How many of these attacks happened before 2001? I’m currently at Southwark Bridge Road next to the news team! It’s 845am and it’s still manic down here!!!

      2. Dan

        I doubt the Tories would want the actual election postponed, seeing as how the polls look worse and worse for them all the time.

  4. Chris Rogers

    Thankfully, I cast my vote more than a week ago I can say categorically that I have not been targeted by Tory Hate-Peddlers on Facebook or Twitter here in Wales. Suffice to say I voted for Corbyn’s Labour Party and am glad I have done so – still, must say outraged at all these Tory lies, but will make zero impact on me that’s for sure.

  5. Dez

    Shame the interviewers are lacking in the basic integrity of wanting their interview to be interpreted correctly. Unfortunately I recall the interview, relating to this extremely old dug up political situation, and this unpleasant woman was obviously an implanted Con storm trooper basically looking for a “gotchya” quote which will instantly turn her into a Jerry Paxman lookalike….Never. Not suceeding then reverted to plan b which is selective editing to ensure max negative mpact and completely removing all sense of truth from the original statement. The fact that Facebook a known paid for mercenary is being paid by someone for sending this lie out as being publically correct does them a disservice and I cannot understand why the subject to this carve up is not allowed the right of reply. Not sure where the Cons hide this cost in their election outgoing but maybe Labour should be doing the same. God knows there is enough true and real information about this failed Governments term in office to write an extremely adverse series . Gloves off time Labour..

    1. Florence

      Facebook are also auctioning the advert slots so they go to the highest bidder. Guess which party can afford to outbid the rest? This is such a grey area in election law.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The law applies to false statements made about a candidate’s personal character or behaviour.
      I currently have a complaint lodged with Dyfed-Powys Police after an officer refused to investigate false statements made about me, because he thought he could get away with saying the statements were about my political character.
      For that to be true, they would have to be about something I had done in my role as a candidate, and they weren’t.
      With Ms Abbott, if Theresa May were to get out of the accusation, it would be because she could show that Diane Abbott had said she would definitely erase the DNA database, in her capacity as shadow home secretary. If not, then it’s a claim about something Ms Abbott might have said in a personal capacity – and the accusation would stick.
      For my money, as the attack ad carves up comments made by Mr Corbyn in his capacity as leader of the Labour Party, I don’t think s.106 of the Representation of the People Act applies.
      It is libel, though.

      1. Zippi

        A grey area, methinks, for it is neither said, nor written. It is definitely a misrepresentation.

  6. Zippi

    Taking comments out of context… Does anybody remember one Ken £ivingstone? Hmmm… People are still calling for his head, when he did nothing wrong; except that too few people actually know the truth and of those who do, how many will support him? I saw how that issue reared it ugly head, again, on Question Time. OI felt like diving into the television and slapping the questioner; it would have been pointless, because I was watching in retrospect a programme that, I suspect, was recorded earlier. How is it that people can continue to spread lies, unchallenged?

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