Austerity is dead, says May – because it was never needed. We should be ENRAGED

After seven years and hundreds of thousands of completely unnecessary deaths, the Conservative Party has apparently abandoned its ideological marriage to austerity.

Why? Because they no longer believe they can get away with it.

Austerity was forced on us in 2010 by David Cameron and George Osborne, both of whom claimed that “There Is No Alternative” if the nation was to reduce the national debt and restore living standards.

So wages were cut brutally. Benefits were cut, conditionality was turned up to the maximum level in order to deny claims from the most vulnerable people in society (who subsequently died), and sanctions also skyrocketed as ever-more-ridiculous reasons were found to penalise claimants (who subsequently died). The Bedroom Tax was introduced to penalise people who had been placed in social housing that had more rooms than they were deemed to need (they died too).

Meanwhile, taxes on the obscenely rich were cut, taxes on corporations were cut, tax avoidance was encouraged and the top one per cent of earners in UK society profited massively.

For Tories and their rich donor friends, the last seven years have been one long party – all because they had managed to convince a majority of voters that cuts were necessary in order to reduce the national debt. And what has happened to the national debt?

The national debt has more than doubled.

In fact, the economy needed investmentnot cuts. To reduce the national debt, we needed more businesses, making more money and generating more tax for the Treasury. The Tory policy of shrinking the state was moronic. It was childish stupidity.

And now, further cuts are being abandoned – not because austerity’s ends have been achieved, but because the Tories have realised they will forfeit votes if they continue.

Everybody in the UK, who isn’t filthy rich, should be furious. We should be marching on Tory MPs’ homes and offices with blazing torches and pitchforks, shouting “Burn the monsters!”

The last thing we should do is tolerate this latest cynical reaction to prevailing trends. Tories represent greed and power. The only reason they abandon their pursuit of greed is when it may harm their hold on power.

And people are realising this at last. Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

Even now, on the BBC’s Daily Politics, Tories Michael Howard and Dominic Grieve are talking about the need to live within our means. The fact is that it is entirely possible, if Tories are stopped from siphoning off our money into their bank accounts.

The end of austerity is to be welcomed.

The end of the UK’s problems will only come when the Conservatives are banished from Parliament forever.

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17 thoughts on “Austerity is dead, says May – because it was never needed. We should be ENRAGED

  1. Dez

    So we were NOT in it together. Is anyone with an ounce of common sense surprised? We were lied to and screwed basically so these low life Cons could give their rich benefactors tax breaks, cut company tax and ensure the working population did not ask for any payrises as the Country was in a financial mess. Osbourne the dumb ding bat had also made some ridiculous statement he could sort the whole lot out in just a few years of screwing the plebs …those that actually pay tax without being able to offshore any of their money. A mess bought on by their wayward gambling banker chums and bailing them out from the same mess and of course many banking crimes and lies that added to their woes and profits. These lies were not helped by Osbournes expensive canadian Bank of England import. He did a good job in continue the lying Tory rhetoric and keeping the bank interest down to zilch just to keep the downtrodden under their feet and their massive Tory debt interest payments as low as poss. Yes nice one. Thanks Cons and like the fish fingered Liberals we do not forget in a hurry what you have just made us all real people suffer…..maybe that Hunt will now start paying a decent nurse wage so they do not have to go to food banks any more … dispicable lot of Tory rags. Hang your heads in shame…if this country still had stocks in place you and your cabal should be pelted with rotten fruit all over this Country.

  2. hugosmum70

    in that case those who have lost money through sanctions, unfair assessments etc should receive back pay to when the loss first happened and those who had their cars taken off them should have them re-instated. all claimants should be awarded compensations for all the stress and worry caused to them.

  3. joanna

    All the Tories should be Made to forfeit their entire wealth and put it back where it belonged in the first place, the very fact that they are now admitting this, should place them All on trial!!!

    I feel angry for all those who lost loved ones because of these Murderous Monsters!!! And for those who are still surviving a living death and heartbreak, Just for the crime of being poor and hardworking.
    I am now freezing cold in this Heat!!!

  4. dconneely2012

    Just to be clear, you’re talking about metaphorical torches and pitchforks. Because the Tories have literal hounds who haven’t eaten properly since fox hunting was banned
    #MrBurns #ReleaseTheHounds

  5. NMac

    May says its over, but let us not forget she and her corrupt nasties tell barefaced lies. Is this just another lie of convenience, or more probably desperation?

  6. Florence

    The chicken coup-ers are trying to push the same Austerian rubbish onto Labour. I’ve had it from within my own branch even -after the election. They claim a “convincing win” will only be possible with other policies that will (and I quote) “appeal to the middle classes”. Pfft. When I countered with all those lovely middle class policies about no tuition fees, and a return to green energy, and no fracking, and staying in the single market, there was a sudden rush for the door.

  7. Brian

    This is never going to work, who in their right mind will believe these lying toads. First excuse, like a majority, and the repentant convicts will turn again. It’s in their genes, already said and agreed by it’s members. Why dont they just do the decent thing and **** off.

  8. dsbacon2017

    Wow! Austerity has been ban ished and we’ve still got Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove in the cabinet. Is it Christmas?

  9. Jeffrey Davies

    so rtu ids his cronies and all culled the stock through benefits denial so they could live high of the hog hmmm we are waiting for the culling of the tories whose going to pay the bill of all those deaths

  10. wildswimmerpete

    Given the destitution and death toll from measures May has now admitted were unnecessary and inflicted out of spite, should she continue to cling onto power surely there could be grounds for impeachment?

    1. jack

      Tragically, Labour’s Disability Manifesto pledges to continue with a lethal programme to halve the disability gap, also claiming that the problem lies with the WCA. It doesn’t. An eligible claim is closed so that reassessment can BEGIN! Any subsequent award becomes a “new claim” under the 2015 reforms which disadvantage all but the terminally ill.

  11. Stu

    The most pathetic thing about all of this is that Theresa May has always adopted two approches when confronted with a drop in populaity :-

    1. DENIAL – adopt the Goebbels style “Big Lie” and pretend that everything if better than ever before.
    2. THEFT – Steal a popular Labour policy and call it their own.

    She seems to be doing both right now, I’m sure people have started to see what’s really going on.

  12. jack

    But the cuts have been legislated for. Unlawful discrimination continues on a daily basis for thousands of sick and disabled claimants being awarded a “new claim” following unnecessary reassessment. The “grave, systematic violations of the rights of persons with disabilities…since 2010” have substantially increased since the 2015 Welfare Reform and Work Bill was passed.

  13. Brian

    So, whats next, look out for the Five Pillars of Wisdom mantra. Conniving feverously behind the scenes, Mays toerags are formulating a face saving scheme, or so they think.

  14. toocomplex4justice

    When i said burn them I was “modified” for condoning violence. I suppose we can all change out mind..or U-turn depending if we are a politician or journalist

    There seriously does need to be some trials for human rights violations and abuse of office for both policy makers and those who went beyond policy to cause avoidable harm to people. DWP Decision makers should be investigated for murder in some cases.. Even the department investigating fraud and wrongdoing are guilty of covering up or ignoring serious crime. Just sitting there allowing it to happen was as evil as the poison pen holders who destroyed lives on A whim with “I have decided that your doctors know f### all about medicine because I am a decision maker and if I say you can work you can get off your arse or starve”

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