Grenfell Tower: People are asking serious questions but the Tories aren’t answering

Only a few hours ago, This Writer stated that it would take just one unwise remark by an ignorant Tory toff to ignite the powder keg that is public anger over the disaster at Grenfell Tower.

Andrea Leadsom came close to it earlier today (June 16), when she was challenged by residents during a TV interview:

The clock is ticking down for the Tories. How long until they really start trouble?

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11 thoughts on “Grenfell Tower: People are asking serious questions but the Tories aren’t answering

  1. NMac

    Leadsom has a reputation as not being the brightest in the bunch of nasties. She is probably one of the most inhumane of the bunch.

  2. Dez

    Yes interesting that the conversation is moving already to the Tory Chair stating that it was the “residents” that did not want sprinklers as it would have been to disruptive!! Bearing in mind all local governments were supposed to be seriously considering sprinklers for high rise which the Government quickly laid at local governments doorstep as being their decision, not Governments. Fire retardant should have been mandatory or banned altogether as other countries have done. Worse it is now being stated to upgrade the cladding from plastic to fire retardant was just a few thousands of pounds.+ of course the usual contract handling charges and add ons. Not sure it will require an army of well paid public enquiry suits to work out what the original cladding specification and recommendations were on this job and what was “value engineered” out of the orginal quote and spec. I am assuming fire retardant was specified which I doubt even using the most moronic of architects and with the UK and world adverse knowledge on this material all professional life safety minded professional companies would be using fire retardant as the only choice especially with such a small on cost of just a few thousand. Some estimates put the sprinkler costs at around £200+k. So who made the fire retardant v’s plastic decision one of the third parties or the Council making the final decision. If it
    is found that this fire acceleration was fire retardant material then there was a very good reason why the US and Germans banned this type of cladding on their structures. With such a small price difference the cladding company would be extremely unlikely to be using plastic instead of fire retardant material unless it
    was a genuine but fatal mistake. What fills me with dread is calling a Public Enquiry which will now shut everything down to a snail pace over to many years of expensive waffling and once again lives all over the country will remain in immediate danger. My take on this is focus on the integrity and use of the cladding used and take action as appropriate for all other high rise buildings. Also rapidly install sprinklers inititally in the out of fire brigade reach comparments and common spaces and in all escape routes at least something will be happening instead of yet another talking shop on something that has already been discussed ….but nothing happened again and again!! If this another “follow the money” disaster then they can expect some very unhappy bunnies.

  3. Nick

    in going forward it’s best to not cut any corners. my advice would be to take advice from WSP Global who are world leaders in construction into what’s best practise and in reality it’s that simple
    if I know what’s best practise how come Kensington council don’t ? how odd is that where someone like myself knows who’s best for tower work
    ah well that’s life

    1. Dez

      Hi Nick, Maybe they had even considered them on their Procurement list when they went out to tender but perhaps at the first cut based on usual price indications they did not persue further or decided they knew best anyway……yup we, and the whole world, can now see the merits of their decision. I hope all those actively involved in creating this fiasco will all do the honourable thing when the usual expensive talking shop closes.

  4. Barry Davies

    There is no doubt there is anger, but the problem is that as ever these days people expect answers before they are available and this is stoked by the media guesswork. The Fire Brigade will have to investigate how the fire started and how it spread, also there will be a coroners court to deal with the reasons it started, so any conjecture should be kept to minimum instead of deliberately pretending that the answers are easy and available now but being withheld.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, apparently there won’t be an inquest (your coroners court) because Mrs May has ordered an inquiry, the terms of which she will control.
      That’s why people are protesting!

  5. Kenneth Billis

    Is it possible that it could be Boris Johnson who plays the ignorant/arrogant Tory toff?

    1. Nick

      the bottom line is the tower was badly built as they all were in London between 1970/74 for the very simple reason they only had one staircase
      this is not Einstein stuff this is very basic
      I’m from London and know the towers well ‘there all identical in my eyes and badly built and the only correct procedure is to demolish and rebuild at a cost of 50 million per tower
      what is the problem ?

      if all the multimillionaires in London just donated 1 million each then virtually all of the council tower blocks could be rebuilt over the next 5 years

      I mean lord sugar has just paid a 50 million pound tax bill for the year. just add one more million to his empire of 1 .2 billion to go towards the cost of a new tower

      job done and as I say for anyone genuine then that’s what they would do as a million to these millionaires is just short change they wouldn’t even mis it

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