Was the State Opening of Parliament EVER so badly mocked – by its own participants?

[Image: The Guardian.]

We don’t even need to discuss the Queen’s hat; there were so many other attacks on Theresa May and her pathetic excuse for a Tory government in the Queen’s Speech, the ceremony around it and the debate that followed.

Perhaps we should start with Jeremy Corbyn’s TV interview, in which he asserted that Labour stands ready to form a minority government with a host of policies that have, by now, won the support of a majority of voters:

“We have a clear programme,” he said. We were to learn that Theresa May does not.

As is now traditional, Labour MP Dennis Skinner mocked the Tory government by reminding us all that the Queen would rather be elsewhere:

And then, of course, Her Majesty seemed to be commenting on the failures of Theresa May’s Brexit team in her choice of hat.

Then there was the speech itself, with 27 bills set to be put forward by Mrs May in the course of a two-year session – eight of which concern Brexit. No wonder commentators were pointing at Her Majesty’s choice of headwear and wondering.

Unmentioned were plans to scrap free school meals, ration winter fuel payments for pensioners, repeal the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, introduce what became widely known as the “dementia tax”, bring back grammar schools, and repeal the fox hunting ban.

Note that anti-hunting campaigners remain hawkish – they don’t believe a Tory government will let the matter lie:

Also unmentioned was the plan to cap energy bills that the Tories stole from the Labour Party. Not such a welcome omission, that.

It is as though the Conservative Party has thrown away its 2017 election manifesto altogether.

What do I mean, “as though”? Look on the Tory website – they have thrown it away!

While this is perfectly legal, it does raise a serious question:

Also unmentioned were the plans for a state visit by US President Donald Trump – to sighs of relief from many:

And the proposals that did manage to make it onto the pages before the Queen received short shrift from our friends on Twitter. Here’s a sample:

Then it was Mr Corbyn’s turn:

Our prime minister-in-waiting even took a few moments to tear strips off the proposer and seconder of the Queen’s Speech:

It was a performance that won support from interesting places!

… along with our usual Twitterati friends:

And Mrs May’s response?

Yes indeed – the Conservatives are a party for everyone who is rich – as this recent Vox Political article will attest.

Not only that – Theresa May actually lied to Parliament, or at least brutally distorted the facts:

In summary:

Perhaps the perfect end for this article is a tweet exchange involving blogger Jon Worth, who wrote:

The response:


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13 thoughts on “Was the State Opening of Parliament EVER so badly mocked – by its own participants?

  1. Ultraviolet

    Here is another way the programme is even thinner than it looks.

    You have two bills in there, the Courts Bill and the Civil Liabilities Bill, which between them make up about one half of the single Prisons and Courts Bill that fell when the election was called.

    One omission that has not been commented on in the media is that the prisons part of that bill has not returned, which is a shame because it was actually quite a progressive measure.

  2. hugosmum70

    well. The highlight for me was Dennis Skinners remark/ as always spot on the mark/ this time he had me in tears of laughter and i know others feel the same. Jeremy Corbyn was on top form as you say. but did anyone else feel that the “PM” had nicked a good few of his policy’s? i wasnt the only one in my circle to think so. we know she wont stick to them anyway.

  3. southerneruk

    Union leaders should be calling for an all out 1 day generl strike and a demo on the streets of London on that day. Time to put the Tory party into the realms of the History book, they are not going to change one bit.

  4. Rusty

    I’m loving this! May n co all look depressed! I hope they all take a long look at themselves in the mirror.

  5. Sandra

    Excellent article. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite understand what Dennis Skinner was saying.
    I hear him saying, “Get your skates on, her trace is half past two.”

    If I misheard can some tell me what he actually said. If not, then what does a trace mean?
    I agree with the tweeter, we definitely need more people like Mr Skinner, especially in parliament.

  6. Dez

    Definitely not happy with the continued support of war in Syria. Russia is on top of things and with USA actually defending retreating ISIS forces by shooting down syrian plane they obviously have a world war three agenda that the UK should have no part of. Thankfully with diddly squat support in the house and far more sensible MPs seeing through the USA agenda in the middle east ….. this should not happen.

  7. blackghost55

    I watched this live on tv yesterday & I’ve noticed how confident Jeremy’s become and is giving a good pasting to the tories…
    And when hag May went into one screeching out we got more votes than you etc etc blah blah
    (I thought well yes as she had the msm behind her & her buddy murdock)
    Keep up the good work Jeremy & I can’t wait to see you as our PM

  8. ericwibblywobbly

    One point I have noticed is the amazing number of times that a certain I.D.Smith appears on (BBC) television. Is this the same person that attacked anyone who was not in work, for ANY reason? Caused so much anguish to so many people? It cannot be! Or, can it?

    1. hugosmum70

      was thinking same thing myself. has he seen the light? had a vision from above?

      btw Mike, theres a comment of mine from June 22, 2017 at 8:56 a.m. still not been accepted by you,

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        There are quite a few comments from a lot of people still awaiting moderation. I had an issue with my mouse, which made it hard for me to do anything quickly.
        I have a new mouse now. Will get to your comment soon.

  9. ericwibblywobbly

    Sorry for that. I can only hope that, just because I am suffering from just three little things, I’ll be forgiven my outburst. Must be the onset of Dementia. So sorry, I’m not like this usually and, I do hope I havn’t annoyed anyone. goodbye.

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