You probably won’t read this because it’s about terror attacks in the UK – on Muslims

It seems Theresa May (left) couldn’t care less about the acid attack on Resham Khan (right) – or any of the other recent attacks on UK citizens who happen to be Muslims.

Yes, it’s an inflammatory headline. Prove me wrong if you like because from where I’m sitting, there seems to be a lot of prejudice against perfectly innocent people – not to mention the attacks on them that breach anti-terror legislation.

Oh, but that’s all right, isn’t it? Because the UK government couldn’t care less.

Good for The Canary, which has published an article on one of the more high-profile attacks. It states:

“Members of the public have come forward to support the victims. A crowdfunding campaign has raised more than £52,000 to help with the recovery.

“This is in stark contrast to a complete silence from Downing Street. And near silence from the media.

“What would have happened if the roles had been reversed? Imagine a Muslim man had approached a white, English couple in their car and doused them in acid. Now imagine that Muslim man had a history of radical, anti-British activity on his Facebook page. Our media and politicians would have responded differently.

“The Daily Mail would have dedicated 14 pages to it. Theresa May would have organised a press conference, and we’d be holding vigils across the country.”

And it points out that the attack could be seen as an act of terrorism according to the Terrorism Act 2000, as it appears to have been “designed to… intimidate the public or a section of the public, and…  for the purpose of advancing a political, religious[, racial] or ideological cause”.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. “It’s only one incident, Mike” – right?

It isn’t.

During the general election campaign I became aware of a Twitter account run by a person called Aleesha, who tweeted strongly in support of Labour (and was, therefore, a favourite of mine).

Lately, she has been tweeting about attacks on Muslims. And there have been a lot.

See for yourself:

Need I go on?

Four acid attacks on Muslims in the days leading up to July 1; 84 in the previous six months.

The victims were peaceful UK citizens.

But their government is doing nothing.

Can you think of a reason for that?

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20 thoughts on “You probably won’t read this because it’s about terror attacks in the UK – on Muslims

  1. Dez

    Once again the media is being led by this Government. This control of the media is very concerning and mirrors the media issues in the US where political agendas take precendent over valid and truthful real news. Ignoring what is actually happening is just as bad as fake news.

  2. joanna

    Mike I think the headline is quite unfair. You know that you have quite a lot of compassionate people among your readers, after many being disgracefully discriminated against, by this government. This government has done it’s best to turn us against each other and it hasn’t worked!

    I spent my whole childhood being discriminated against, simply because I was a victim of abuse, yet I grew into a caring and compassionate, law abiding citizen.

    The people on this site have been through their own struggles, yet they are the most caring people I have had the pleasure of knowing through this amazing site!!

    My heart goes out to Resham Khan!! I hope she recovers as well as she can and I hope her partner also gets the help he needs! There is so much nastiness in this world, but there is also lots of compassion as well!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I have noticed that some articles are more popular than others, based on the nature of their content – and discussion of Islam in the UK is unpopular.
      Also, This Site needs to expand its readership, and one way of doing that is by pointing out to people that it may be worthwhile for them to question their own assumptions.

      1. joanna

        If you put out articles about muslims and about Islam it gives people information, people fear what they don’t know, or have read from mainstream media, which as you know is mostly misleading. It is very clever they way they do it! We all know that information can be powerful, only the mainstream media knows that and feeds us wrong information to try to make us a nation of powerful bigots, we have to break that, and you have already done so much to try to break the bigotry directed at the disabled and unemployed. If you have turned at least a few people’s prejudices around then you have been effective and done your job!

        Thank you Mike!!!!

  3. Gary

    I wish the media would get the naming right .
    Terrorist attacks are political or religious !!
    This horrendous attack was a Revenge attack.
    Once you start calling it as it is you can then start to stop it !!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Revenge for what? Nothing.
      It was a politically-motivated terror attack against a minority group.
      It follows more than 80 others in the last six months. They’re not all revenge attacks.

  4. Jeffrey Davies

    The government are using each other to fight amongst ourselfs while they rob us blind. Yet they are use papers channels 1. 3. 4. and 5. Propaganda machines. Yet there are a few who believe this it’s unbelievable that peoples haven’t woken up to the fact that we all need to attack those in power.

  5. damo

    People need to understand that the torie realy dont care,they dont give a s..t about anyone espesh minoritys unless they are of some value to them…ie..finnacialy,materialy,socialy,sexualy if you arent of value to them than you are invisable and expendable if just by your liveing ……your takeing from them…..this is there mind set its how they think and in my 50 years of liveing nearly every torie ive met has had the same mercenary dead eyed mentality …..there not happy with just meeting new people…they allways seem to want something…

      1. joanna

        That is a good way to put it, I think the answer is Yes, they get rid of what they don’t want, i.e disabled people, what use are they to the Tory Utopia?!!

  6. Brian

    “But their government is doing nothing. Can you think of a reason for that?”

    This seems to have been government practice for decades, and there is a reason, fear of igniting the ‘blue touch paper’. No need to mention examples of this attempt to quell unrest but a deliberate attempt to stifle the differences between cultures.

  7. wildswimmerpete

    @aleesha ” ban acid sales without a licence right now”. Acids together with other reagents are not sold to the general public. Anti-terrorist legislation already forbids retail sale of most chemicals – the ones that are sold retail are like Epsom salts, sodium bicarbonate, copper sulphate used as medicines, winemaking and the garden (copper sulphate is a fungicide). Battery acid (20% sulphuric acid) is also available by retail but at that strength if on the skin acts more like an irritant and easily removed by washing. In my days of working in a commercial laboratory the dilute sulphuric acid I worked with didn’t even irritate my skin let alone burn (although my lab coat had to be constantly mended!)

    Those horrific burns to that young lady’s face would have been caused by one of the concentrated strong acids – sulphuric, hydrochloric or nitric. Retail sales of of those materials are already forbidden. However anyone could easily steal a cupful of concentrated acid from any school or commercial laboratory.

    I’m not giving any more details as I don’t want my post to be a “how to do” as inspiration for any lowlife.

  8. Barry Davies

    Have to say I had to check on the availability of acid and was surprised to see how easy it is to buy it, I always thought you had to be licensed to be able to get it.

    1. wildswimmerpete

      It might have been a few years ago, I’ve bought chemicals from a distributor without any problems except for poisons for which you had to sign the Poison Register. Recent anti-terrorism legislation has cracked down on supplying chemicals to the general public. Nowadays you need to be a business with a trade account. For example: potassium permanganate used to be available from any chemists for treating athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. Now it’s prominent on the banned list. If you know any chemistry you’ll know why.

  9. blackghost55

    I don’t read newspapers & haven’t for over 20 odd years..
    I never knew that its been 80 odd attacks in last 6 months I just diddnt know or hear of these attacks..
    Just goes to show how quiet the media/govt on this subject really is..

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