Right-wing news media launch bid to make May popular again

“Um… to, ah… Yes? A little tear.” Theresa May seems unsure how to react when asked if she cried on election night.

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Is it a coincidence that, shortly after Facebook started burying posts by social media websites in an attempt to reverse their popularity, the mass media are trying to get us to see the human side of Theresa May?

It isn’t working, is it?

Mrs May has appeared in an interview that is being widely repeated on the BBC, in which she (reluctantly) speaks of how she “shed a tear” on hearing exit poll results on election night that showed she would not win the massive majority for which she had hoped.

Even then, she had to be prompted.

There is no mention of the disgusting policy platform on which Mrs May tried to win the election – of the plans to add pensioners to the list of those being penalised by her party’s austerity cuts; of the bid to take away people’s homes to pay for care, when they have already paid for it with their taxes; of the fact that the public hugely rejected her version of Brexit (but she’s going ahead with it anyway); or of the many diabolical policies that she has been forced to ditch since the election.

This is a brazen attempt to rehabilitate the most malicious and least capable leader in recent UK history.

And it is being done at a time when most people won’t be able to read this article, because Facebook has ensured it will be buried in your timeline unless you have taken specific actions – within the last few days – to stop it doing so.

A co-ordinated public relations blitz, then? Yes, This Writer thinks that is possible.

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11 thoughts on “Right-wing news media launch bid to make May popular again

  1. ory


  2. NMac

    Any tears shed by this woman were those of self-pity. I would also question whether she was ever popular in the first place. It was only the right wing media who presented her as popular – her unnecessary election proved decisively that she was very unpopular.

    1. Graham Holmes

      Definitely. The people on the ground May claims to have spoken to were all her sycophant supporters at staged events. She never went out to meet The General Public At Large – how could she possibly have known the strength of feeling and anger bubbling up?

      It really came home to me when I heard her apologise … to the tory MPs who lost their seats. That was it. This is war.

      Did she shed a tear? Yes? Boo hoo.

  3. Joan Edington

    She shed a tear? Not half as many tears as shed by those of us who woke up to realise she was still there.

  4. Brian

    Tears……..Crocodile……….May, only the most conceited individuals resort to this kind of behavior by making it public. A thinly veiled attempt to manipulate the electorate into thinking she is a caring person. As for Face ache, shame on them.

  5. Uriah

    I can make Theresa May immensely popular in just one sentence: “I am standing my government down and am on my way to see the Queen where I will tender my resignation.” Twenty words that will raise her popularity as the best ex PM ever.

  6. Roy Beiley

    Good luck with that rightwing media.It is one thing to be unpopular and another to be the object of derision. May is the latter and the probability of her being ” popular” again is less than the Lib Dems forming the next Govt with a commanding majority.

  7. Simon Tucker

    The idea that she shed a tear because her opportunistic smash and grab went pear-shaped is immensely satisfying. That she has publicly acknowledged that she was arrogant, ignorant and completely out of touch with the electorate can do nothing but further harm her, already pathetic, reputation.

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