So Left-wingers don’t get abused, Simon Hart? Explain this:

Abuse victim: Diane Abbott.

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Everybody should be aware of Tory MP Simon Hart’s claim that left-wing activists have been responsible for a vast majority of abuse against Parliamentarians. I published an article about it on July 12.

Mr Hart claimed that, despite having asked left-wing MPs for examples of the abuse they have received, he did not receive any replies.

He had only to wait until later in the day.

Here’s Diane Abbott to explain:

We have example after example of Tory MPs abusing constituents, Labour MPs and, in Lucy Allen’s case, themselves. There are many more examples of Tory supporters and other right-wingers doing the same. This is not a problem that is restricted to the Left.

It is because it is easier to do so via the Internet.

There are ways to ensure the culprits can be found and made to give recompense for the distress they cause.

Rather than fling nonsense accusations at the Left, perhaps Mr Hart should be concentrating on that.

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10 thoughts on “So Left-wingers don’t get abused, Simon Hart? Explain this:

  1. NMac

    Right wingers don’t consider there is anything wrong with them hurling sneering insults and other forms of abuse at political opponents. It is only when they are subject to taunts and ridicule that they take umbrage, particularly at times when they are in danger of losing the power which they consider is their “god-given” right.

  2. Neilth

    We have a right wing blogger in our town who posts as though he is an online newspaper and often puts up two or three stories a day. Anything that is even vaguely political he will spin against the labour controlled Town Council and the (previously) labour controlled county council. He was particularly spiteful towards a female councillor. As a consequence the posts by trolls to this blog are extremely vicious and continue to abuse that woman and any other Labour Councillor from either council who is named. The blogger obviously has full control over which posts he allows on his organ and will not allow responses from those he directs his abuse at. I know as I have tried to put the truth but have not got through his censorship.

    So this organised abuse of labour politicians seems to be approved of by the local Tory Party though I know of a couple of Tory town councillors who despise that blogger as much as I do.

    We know the blogger has contributed significant sums to the local Tories as his name has appeared on the lists of donors.

  3. Simon Tucker

    Simon Hart: is something to do with the Countryside Alliance isn’t he? As such, he deserves everything he gets and more for every illegally killed fox, hare, mountain hare, otter, badger, hen harrier, peregrine, buzzard, red kite and goshawk carried out by members of his execrable organisation and the criminals they are apologists for.

  4. Stu

    These self-righteous Right Whingers “Don’t like it up em’ Mr Mainwaring” like the bullies that they are, they can’t handle it when they are criticised.

    The question everyone should be asking is “WHY are people doing this?”

    Do we feel so isolated and ignored by our Government, Local Councils and Community that desperately lashing out in frustration through the only media available is our only option ?

  5. Zippi

    It would seem that the internet has a huge part to play in how people respond to others. For some reason, all of the normal rules have gone out of the window and people are vile to each other, with impunity, bullying and browbeating. There is no discourse, no nuance, no argument, just assault. Nobody listens. What I say goes. Anything goes! £ike Diane Abbott said, once upon a time, people had to write letters, which took time to compose and gave time for reflection (I have said this before), having to put the letter into an envelope took time, having to get a stamp, sealing the envelope, going to the post box… all of these gave time for reflection and the opportunity for the writer the change their mind. Now, all that one does is push a button and what should have stayed in somebody’s head is now there for all of the word to see… Donald Trump is a classic example of this, reactionary response. Does it need to be said? What do I want to say with it? What will be the implications? Should I be the one to say it? Is it worth saying? Should I just let it go?
    People seem to say all manner of things, online, that they wouldn’t in life and behave appallingly. What do we expect, when we live in an age in which there is no accountability and failure is heftily rewarded? Shame is and antiquated concept and people with vulgar speech, behaviour and morals are lauded? What good are manners and decorum, when the only people who seem to practise them are ridiculed? It is little wonder, therefore, that so many see nothing wrong with hurling abuse at people, whom they know not, online.

  6. rockingbass

    Read We Ginger Dog in Wednesday’s National…A very good article about this subject. It includes some research here in Scotland…Unfortunately looking at my news agents shelves this behaviour is encouraged by the right wing press more and more so shouting and being abusive is now the only way you get elected for examle ,Really when you get canvassers who knock on your door and say “You Must agree that Ruth Davidson is a lovely woman” and when you point out that “all she ever dose is Shout and Scream at the SNP at interviews and on First Ministers Questions ” the reply is “that’s not True” and then you gently ask “well then what is her policy on…….they walk away as fast as they can. Muttering obscenities
    Sad times…

    1. Zippi

      I wouldn’t call it blatantly racist. It talks of Muslims and Muslim is not a race but an adherent to the faith if Islam. It does, suggest lack of hospitality to those who come from elsewhere. The post is sending mixed messages.

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