34 thoughts on “Test post

  1. joanna

    Thank you Mike I was wanting to read the posts, I tried using Google from the title but it still kept coming up the same.

    From reading the excerpts though I thought the Scottish DWP were a bit more enlightened than in England! Maybe that was just wishful thinking!

  2. Jenny Hambidge

    For the first time I was able to post it on Facebook. Was going to contact you about this. Haven’t seen many posts of Vox on FB in months.

  3. aunty1960

    Roger, Everything OK.

    For those curious. websites forums and social media groups have been cut off from their members and subscribers and followers by skullduggery and silly shenanighans. so good to test once a while. members will be sliced from groups and neither knows. but will stop getting posts and notifications. Its a dastardly lot out there.

  4. Roy Beiley

    Received OK. But I sometimes have a problem sending a response to you. My response vanishes into the ether

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