Yet another fail for Grayling as he cancels £50 million in ferry contracts

Chris Grayling: He’s as clever as he looks.

How much money has Chris Grayling cost the UK taxpayer – in total?

The amounts mentioned in connection with the ferry contracts come to £97 million alone.

And the Tories have the nerve to accuse Labour of financial irresponsibility!

Ferry contracts signed to ensure critical imports could reach the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit have been cancelled, costing taxpayers a further £50m.

Questioned in parliament, transport ministers confirmed similar contracts could be signed again later this year should a Brexit deal not be agreed well before the new 31 October departure date.

Contracts worth £89m with Brittany Ferries and DFDS to secure ferry space for vital goods across the Channel have been cancelled with a termination payout of £43.8m to the firms, along with costs taking the final bill over £50m. According to National Audit Office estimates in February, the cost of compensation to ferry operators for termination would be up to £56.6m but the Department for Transport said the final figure was expected to be about 10% lower.

The latest payout joins an accumulating bill for the contracts awarded by the transport secretary, Chris Grayling, including £33m compensation to Eurotunnel for the botched process.

Almost £1m was paid to consultants for a £14m contract with Seaborne Freight, which was scrapped after it emerged the company had no ferries.

Source: Chris Grayling cancels ferry contracts at £50m cost to taxpayers | UK news | The Guardian

5 thoughts on “Yet another fail for Grayling as he cancels £50 million in ferry contracts

  1. Robbie

    Of course, if he hadn’t been procative in forseeing the possible problem and simply waited until there was an exit with no deal and no backup position that would have been OK , would it?

  2. Rik

    Patrick from Spongebob
    would be best suited for this job “durh”

    Mi££ions yet again wasted…
    What a joke this man is . . .

  3. Michael McNulty

    I don’t think they make brown envelopes big enough to divvy up that kind of cash to a few insiders. They’ll have to use shoe boxes.

  4. Stu

    Grayling is not the only one who’s too generous with taxpayers money.

    Look at Greg Hands “lending” £100m to “British Steel” a.k.a the asset strippers Greybull Capital whose track record with Comet,Monarch, M-Local and Rileys already cost the taxpayer £50m + with thousands of job losses..

    We can but hope that safeguards are in place and lessons have been learned…..

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