Chris Grayling: He’s as clever as he looks.

How much money has Chris Grayling cost the UK taxpayer – in total?

The amounts mentioned in connection with the ferry contracts come to £97 million alone.

And the Tories have the nerve to accuse Labour of financial irresponsibility!

Ferry contracts signed to ensure critical imports could reach the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit have been cancelled, costing taxpayers a further £50m.

Questioned in parliament, transport ministers confirmed similar contracts could be signed again later this year should a Brexit deal not be agreed well before the new 31 October departure date.

Contracts worth £89m with Brittany Ferries and DFDS to secure ferry space for vital goods across the Channel have been cancelled with a termination payout of £43.8m to the firms, along with costs taking the final bill over £50m. According to National Audit Office estimates in February, the cost of compensation to ferry operators for termination would be up to £56.6m but the Department for Transport said the final figure was expected to be about 10% lower.

The latest payout joins an accumulating bill for the contracts awarded by the transport secretary, Chris Grayling, including £33m compensation to Eurotunnel for the botched process.

Almost £1m was paid to consultants for a £14m contract with Seaborne Freight, which was scrapped after it emerged the company had no ferries.

Source: Chris Grayling cancels ferry contracts at £50m cost to taxpayers | UK news | The Guardian