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Chris Williamson speaking to the crowd in Brighton on August 8.

Chris Williamson has been urged to contact police over this and I reckon he should:

MP Chris Williamson, who had to hold a meeting outdoors last week when two Brighton venues cancelled because they had received threats of violence, has been urged to contact police after new, coordinated plan against him at next months Labour conference, also in Brighton, was publicised on social media.

Twitter account ‘willuminare’ asked people to sign up for ‘direct action’ against Williamson, pointing them to a sign-up form (Wayback Machine archive copy here) on Google Forms to collect their details.

However, in spite of data protection laws the form does not provide any details of who will hold any information provided or how it will be used.

Once the reaction against the form began, the ‘willuminare’ account – which says it is run by an “activist for @UKLabour, @CoOpParty, @PeoplesMomentum & @OpenLabour” – was locked, but screenshots of the tweet had been created. Some who warned Twitter users against the campaign were blocked:

Source: Williamson urged to contact police over coordinated ‘direct action’ threat | The SKWAWKBOX