Via Skwawkbox:

Saturday night’s edition of the BBC’s nightly review of the following day’s newspapers featured an almost unheard-of event – a frank, unfiltered admission of Jeremy Corbyn’s massive popularity with the public.

Even more astonishingly, it also included the confession that Corbyn is ‘prime ministerial’.

So great is Corbyn’s popularity, according to the political editor Nigel Nelson, that “wherever he turns up” he is greeted like a “rock star” – and his personal qualities are so great that he is both prime ministerial [in public] and the same in private.

Corbyn’s phenomenal energy, stamina and work-rate were also covered – and as if that weren’t enough, the strength of Labour’s social care policies versus the Tories’ complete absence of any was also included.

The BBC presenter had asked “Very quickly, what’s he like engaging with the public” – leading to an instant response: “Well the public love him.”

For the video clip, see: Video: truth about Corbyn’s popularity – “public love him”, he’s PM material. How the hell did it get onto BBC? (An hour later, it didn’t) | The SKWAWKBOX