Cameron’s hairdresser – who charges £90 for a cut – given MBE (not satire!)

For services to HAIRDRESSING?
Oh well, I see Vidal Sassoon had a CBE so I suppose there’s a precedent. But then Sassoon was a mini-industry, with salons and products all over the world. What’s THIS guy done, apart from hide Cameron’s bald spot?
I suppose all the people who really deserved honours were Lefties. Or victims of benefit cuts.

9 thoughts on “Cameron’s hairdresser – who charges £90 for a cut – given MBE (not satire!)

  1. Jean Smith

    My dad was at Bletchley and discovered the VE bomb, forcing the Germans to move it when they sent the RAF over to check it out – if the Germans hadn’t moved it they were sending him out as an embassy clerk to Sweden, I think, to spy on the ground. They gave him a Burton’s suit for the role, which he had to give back when the bombs were moved, and his trip cancelled!! He was gutted about the suit lol. It put the bombings back by several months, and gave us time to build up our defences. They sent him to Burma to spy on the Japanese after VE day. He saved thousands of lives, and got squat. So many ordinary servicemen gave their all – and the Burma vets endured so much, and risked so much…..still a good haircut is worth a thousand pleb lives it seems!!

  2. Andy Robertson-Fox

    As I have said elsewhere if one reads this gentleman’s backgound in, for example Wikipedıa, it appears that he has done rather more for the industry than give Cameron a short back and sides. Whether it was worthy of a gong is, of course, a matter of opinion but perhaps, too, one should remember that such awards are not unusual and was it not Harold Wilson that similarly rewarded his raincoat maker?

    Much ado about nothing really……

  3. Joseph Smith

    I thought Cameron was /has a wig.cant help wondering if Rebekah ran her fingers through it!

  4. Joseph Smith

    I’ve just re-read this. Feck me, I’ve just wiped up the cats vomit and emptied the litter box can I have one.

    1. Mike Sivier

      If that’s all it took, you’d have to get behind me in the queue! MY cat is ancient and incontinent and I often have to clear up little messages she has left for me to step in.

  5. Jonathan Arnesen

    George Osborne likes making cuts that much he has been cutting his own hair for years. As you can see he’s made a complete mess of that as well.

  6. Guy Ropes

    I feel that it’s time that an award was given to someone for “services to the sex industry” (many sub-divisions). Can I begin with an OBE = Orgasm Bringer Extraordinaire

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