4 thoughts on “Atos’ Lies about Claimants: Commenters’ Stories

  1. nigel simmons

    The tick box method they use gives no leeway for individual circumstances ,it ensures that virtually everyone fails the assessment and DWP can start from scratch using the new criteria .Basically everyone is fit for some kind of work .We cannot stop the EU’s Immigration Law so we need revenue diverted to pay for the Gravy train Influx of Immigrants

  2. Leoni Al-ajeel

    I was declared fit for work by ATOS even though i know i am not, so i must go back to work on the 15 jan 2014 if i do not i will starve to death or wont be able to pay bills as all my money has been stopped. But because i only work 25hrs Tax credits have decide to stop my working tax credit, i must work 30hrs to get tax credits. So god knows how i will live on my wage. Work can not give more hours so tried to find more hours elsewhere but there is nothing. I am on strong pain relief and other medication and just do not know how i will cope as some days the pain is so great i can hardly walk about. My medication makes me very unsteady on my feet so if i fall at work who will be responsible ATOS? just do not know how i am going to cope because i cant go to work one day and then not next day. But what can one do when they stop all your money.

  3. Just Me

    Try being born deaf and never got any stronger than an 10 year old child, then to have to come off ESA and go on JSA and they suggested because I don’t even look strong that I go for jobs in telesales, the mind boggles

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