Official – DWP announce pre-1996 position is true and thousands have had bedroom tax imposed in error!

This is great news – right up to the part in paragraph 1 of the circular that states “The Department will however be taking steps to remedy this shortly”.
It’s curious; my understanding of English suggests a ‘remedy’ is a cure for an illness. It seems odd to me that the DWP is using such a word when it plans to make the problem worse.

17 thoughts on “Official – DWP announce pre-1996 position is true and thousands have had bedroom tax imposed in error!

  1. Elle j morgan

    I do hope that poor lady who killed herself by going in front of the lorry doesn’t fit into this category, I’m quite sure she’d lived in her home for a long time.
    If this does indeed turn out to be correct there will be lots of angry people, especially those already evicted or forced to downsize.

    I don’t fall into this sadly I came off benefits in 1997-99.
    I’m hoping some bright young thing comes up with a plan B for everyone else.

    Keep fighting everyone…

  2. pat

    fantastic news, well done to everyone who has done so much to help us tenants affected by the bedroom tax, special thank you to Joe Halewood

  3. ispy

    It’s not all good news though.

    Read the end of paragraph 1: “The Department will however be taking steps to remedy this shortly.”

    Now read paragraph 10: “You should also record details of affected cases so that once the legislation is amended they can be reassessed to reapply the under-occupancy reduction.

    In other words, the goalpost are going to be moved and the law re-written. Victims will be back to square 1 even if some tenants are reimbursed to begin with.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Yes, I commented on this when I reblogged the article.

      One possibility, though, is that the Coalition might not be able to get this done before the end of the current Parliament – and it is unlikely that a Conservative government will be in office after May 2015.

      Labour has vowed to end the Bedroom Tax, so in that situation, the legal re-write may never happen.

      1. ispy

        Hello Mike

        Do you know if the coalition will be able to run emergency legislation through parliament – like they did when they lost the High Court Appeal case last year after failing to fully inform claimants about benefit sanctions?

        In that case, the coalition even managed to backdate the amended legislation!

        The big question is WHEN the legislation will be amended – if ever!

      2. Mike Sivier

        I don’t know, I’m afraid – but the wording of the circular suggests that they’re willing to put up with the situation for the moment and get around to dealing with it whenever they get the opportunity.

      3. Ron Taylor

        It is not unlikely that the TORIES will not be in OFFICE(Rather than POWER) in 2015, IT wil be a certainty that they won’t. The British people are wise to them,with their lies,GREED and broken promises,we have had enough of you Mr Cameron. Mps Question Time is like watching a Circus with their CLOWNS performing.

  4. Joseph Smith

    Don’t worry Teflon Ian will have a list of people to blame, and a longer list of lies and bluff to hide behind. Remember this mans an oil slick walking

  5. juicey1964

    my housing which is city west. well they have been fab even helping me get proof they are sending me a copy of tenancy from 92 and proof of payments tyvm without you guys i would of never had known..the hb on the other hand was very rude and cold saying put it in writing with proof of ya tenancy and then slam the phone down on my i rang city west who are now puttin a note at the side of my claim so the arrears and letters for this hated bt don`t get sent out 2 me r my husband. once again ty for your hard work and getting the word out..plz ring your housing mine at city west was more then happy 2 help.housing benefit on the other hand were cold and nasty and said just put it in writing, so tht i will do gl all

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