5 thoughts on “U1 Do one, DWP! Not a small number of pre 1996 cases and heres why!

  1. Big Bill

    What about the knock-on effects this has had, like the costs in time to GPs and the health service in general? None of this seems to be being considered yet. This really should not be allowed to blow over.

  2. Joseph Smith

    I agree with Big Bills comments, this entire stupid idea was very seriously flawed from the very beginning. Not least of which was the fact that there were no smaller properties for anyone to move into. This was Cameron’s daft idea stemming from his self promoting idea of appealing to the well off and wealthy ones which he feels is his voting base. His other idea was to punish people on HB. It’s backfired so where is he? Heading for the hills with his Fascist friend and loyal idiot Ian Duncan Smith. Bills right we owe it to the people who’ve suffered as a result of this Fascist social experiment. I doubt we can depend on the press because most of them are either in the Governments pocket or worried about the Hacking trial fallout. I’m sure Mike won’t mind if I say ideas and suggestions here please. Whilst we are all very angry, I’m equally sure Mike would not be happy with suggestions of violence so let’s be dignified please.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’m quite happy to take ideas, and will probably turn the best of them into an article. No calls for violence, though. It’s never the right answer.

    2. Mike Sivier

      I should add that I will be busy elsewhere for the next day or so. Don’t worry if you don’t see your comments appearing for a while; I will get to them when I may.

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