16 thoughts on “Tory MP threatens to call police if more than 10 people turn up at his surgery (not satire!)

  1. Joseph Smith

    What a spineless idiot. Why arnt the Police doing him for wasting police time? He obviously doesn’t want to meet or listen the great unwashed. Get rid of him he’s not interested in his constituents, only his salary and expenses. Coward!!!

    1. Bill Brown

      He doesn’t have to worry he soon will be able to call out the water cannon, and police in riot gear. It must be terrible to be part of such a hated party. Bless him!

  2. Andy Robertson-Fox

    He was following the procedure agreed by all MPs following the knife attack on the Labour MP, Stephen Tımms, a while back; I suggest it is folly to assume that because they were pensioners it is beyond the capabilities of perhaps one or more of their number to mount some sort of attack. As the sayıng goes “Better safe than sorry”

    1. Karen Bond Was Mahon

      Well he’s a bloody idiot then! i work in a 46 bed homeless hostel and quite often work with large groups of residents on my own. If I took this attitude I’d get the sack. If he thinks his constituents are going to murder him then maybe he needs to ask himself why?? What next – bus drivers refusing to take more than 10 passengers?? PRAT!!!

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  4. scooby doo

    hi mike do you know how i could find out if you need either a mobile or a landine in order to claim JSA thanks in advance

    1. Mike Sivier

      You shouldn’t need either, but knowing this government they probably expect it, even from people who are a penny away from living on the street.

      Can anyone answer this accurately?

  5. Leoni Al-ajeel

    I just cant believe his cowardice. Calling the police for people trying to deliver a petition. Just goes to show how much these MP’s are interested in the people they are supposed to represent. His wage is paid by the taxpayer but yet refuses to talk to the taxpayer and calls the police. First we have IDS with armed police now this fool calling the police. I would like to know if he was cautioned for wasting police time. They are using the attack on Stephen Timms as an excuse to disregard the people. A group of pensioners. Really? If they were not starving people and making them homeless with their evil policies they would have nothing to fear.

  6. Tym Thomas

    We should all arrange to visit our MPs in groups of eleven at 20 minute intervals.

    Every day.

    For a week.

  7. Thomas M

    If someone did indeed want to maim or kill him, they would come singly or in a pair. The more people there are the less he in fact has to fear.

  8. Sam Thursfield

    I’m not so sure he’s in the wrong here, the argument “we are constituents” doesn’t mean anything in itself, this guy was someone’s constituent too: http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2000/mar/23/garyfinn

    That said, the sword attack guy probably had an appointment too 🙂

    Either way, criticise the guy for his support of that horrendous bill and all the other subhuman things his Government have done, not because he was cautious on one occasion!

    1. Mike Sivier

      I think the current consensus is that he was more likely to be in danger from a single person – like the sword attack guy – than from a group of elderly petitioners.

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