6 thoughts on “ATOS National Demo – February 19th

  1. Joseph Smith

    Don’t worry, the chief Fascist, our Fueher David has announced on the Coalition TV channel (aka BBC) that everyone got a pay rise in real times over the last twelve months. Odd isn’t it – just over a year to the election and everything’s great, future’s rosy, everyone in real jobs. But the top 10% earners didn’t. As sop to those amongst us queuing at the food bank! What a filthy foul cheap liar.

  2. jaypot2012

    I believe nothing that comes out of any of the coalitions mouths!
    I am also angry that the opposition have not been fighting Cameron and Co. for the last 3+ years!

    1. Mike Sivier

      Labour (if that’s who you mean) HAS been fighting the Coalition! Why do you think Cameron keeps harping on about Labour having opposed every one of his reforms?

      Even with the Jobseeker Bill, Labour abstained rather than voting with the government. That was still not the right thing to do but at least they did not agree with the Coalition’s actions – and of course many Labour MPs rebelled and still voted against it.

      It is very easy to say that Labour has not opposed the Coalition, but it will never be factually true.

      We have a government with a majority, which means it cannot be defeated in a Parliamentary vote unless its own members rebel – and they’re whipped against that.

      In addition, when the Opposition wins a backbench vote, as we now know, the Coalition refuses to acknowledge the fact and continues as normal – or states that the vote is merely “advisory”. That is no fault of Labour’s.

      Stating that the Opposition has not been opposing the Coalition is on a par with making up stories that Labour’s policies would be just as bad as those of the Tories, if put into practice.

      Do you really want to tell people they might as well let the Tories in for another full Parliamentary term?

  3. Joseph Smith

    Hell No. Although lots of people either don’t know don’t care or just don’t understand. This country needs the Tories and lib dems like it needs an outbreak of the plague, and with Cameron as PM add a venearal disease to the plague.

    1. Joseph Smith

      This prime minister is incompetent, corrupt and lies blatantly. He’s a shallow self promoting uncaring self aggrandising individual very much more concerned about himself and his wealthy friends than the people in this country. He continually protects and supports Ian Duncan Smith and his foul regime, a situation he must know about and chooses to wilfully ignore preferring to seek self promotion on the worlds stage posturing in front of the worlds media. He deludes himself thinking he’s worldly important in his attempts to divert attention from problems at home and the consequential deaths resulting, to problems elsewhere. He has to go along with his band of equally incompetent rogues

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