11 thoughts on “European Committee of Social Rights declares levels of benefits in the UK are ‘manifestly inadequate’

  1. Robert Fillies

    Hi Mike, there’s an article on the Huffington post about this, apparently RTU is livid, doesn’t like being given advice from unelected people in the EU, no surprise there.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’ve just been reading it. Kneejerk reaction is that, if the UK signed up to this charter, it doesn’t matter one fig what RTU thinks of it – he’s in breach, his government is in breach, and it needs to resolve this issue at once.

      And that’s not to be done by finding new and inventive ways of throwing people off-benefit altogether, either!

      1. Joseph Smith

        We all know RTU, like all bullies is a spineless coward, his intimidatory type of speech whilst talking over others is symptomatic of someone who simply knows the square root of nothing, when faced with proof, accusations, or investigations he reverts to type, blustering and bullying his way. He needs someone tough enough and loud enough to face him down and expose him for the bullying murderous fraud and coward he really is. We need to get him out from behind Cameron’s skirts. He’s some thing I’d scrape off the sole of my boots for emitting a foul odour. The mans a stinking shallow empty vacuous bully whose getting away with murder.

  2. Joseph Smith

    Yippee! Something at long last which clearly tells RTU just what a pr**k he is and how wrong. This needs investigation & if correct publicising to the highest degree. Nice one I’m luvin’ this. I hope RTU is squirming but I doubt it. Gleefully yours joe.

  3. jaypot2012

    I won’t be holding my breath – IDS won’t do a damned thing about it as he BELIEVES he is doing the right thing. It would take all kinds of sanctions and anger from all the EU countries before IDS would even blink about it!

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