11 thoughts on “News: Parliamentary Work & Pensions Committee recalling IDS on Monday for grilling on Universal Credit v3.0

  1. hilary772013

    I don’t understand what the role of the select committee is? or should I say what their powers are. I watched the last debacle & although they grilled him, he just walked away nothing done about the disgrace of a man IDS & his heinous department DWP. They do not appear to be answerable to anyone, so what is the point of a select committee? apart from wasting even more tax payers money.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Select committees may only examine the work of government departments and report back to Parliament – and the public – on their findings. They have no power to change what departments are doing – only to criticise.

      I think this Parliament has been an eye-opener for millions of people who thought that checks and balances were in place to prevent the government of the day from wholesale slaughter of our way of life. In fact the government may do whatever it wants.

      The only way a select committee can exert influence over the government of the day is if it releases a report so damning that ministers fear their future electability will be at stake if they do not act.

  2. Will it ever end?

    Unfortunately if there is any way to enforce these levels on the DWP, they will only retaliate by upping conditionality, vexatious sanctions, and Atos targets. Sigh!

  3. joanna

    There was a time when someone who is working took no notice, because it didn’t affect them, but now their immediate family members are being cruelly affected, lets say the grapevine is a wonderful thing and coupled with facebook and twitter things can go viral!!!

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