4 thoughts on “Bite the Ballot, The Coalition and Youth Voter Apathy

  1. Andy Robertson-Fox

    I wish this group and all other liıke minded ones every success in promoting that the vote is somethıng to be cherished and valued and used. The right to the vote has been fought for over a considerable number of years and everyone, I belıeve, should be encouraged to exercıse theır right.
    However, I also belıeve that this rıght should not be withdrawn from UK citizens who live overseas (many of who pay UK taxes) and especially if it comes to a referendum on membershıp of the EU.

  2. ae emm

    voting apathy almost a crisis in USA.

    1911/1913 Public Law 62-5 signed by Howard Taft does a great disfavor to 290 Million Americans of voting age. You see: The Congress, especially the House Of Representatives is like a dog without a leash. The owner searching for his dog. Where is he? .. where did he go? Turns out the dog already run to the other side of the park and is sniffing another dog. You get your dog at the voting booth, but it runs away already at the first day in the park.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I take it you think the same applies in the UK? Me too, especially in the case of the current Coalition as it has been revealed that the leaders of both the political parties involved lied bare-facedly in order to get votes and had been negotiating a coalition for two months before the election took place.

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