JobCentre+ – Staff complaints growing expedientially!

The alarming rise in complaints against staff at Job Centre Plus is highlighted in this excellent article by Jayne. My one criticism is that the headline word should be “exponentially”, not “expedientially” which – according to my dictionary – isn’t a word!

4 thoughts on “JobCentre+ – Staff complaints growing expedientially!

  1. Adele Winston

    The problem with Job Centre staff is similar to that with the police, and magistrates – they are self-selected. What sort of person would want to do that? (with apologies, obviously, to some of the police)

    1. Andy Robertson-Fox

      Can you explain what you mean by “self selected” please and how do you belıeve this ıs actually responsıble for the ıncrease ın the volume of complaınts.

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