6 thoughts on “Private Eye on Fraud and Corruption on Workfare Schemes

  1. Mrs Edwards

    I’m on a a4e programme I found my own job which was only tempory for Christmas got layed off 3rd January told a4e but can’t get appointment till February 20th so no money nothing but I strongly believe they have done this because it takes me to timescale to claim there bonus for me supposedly being in work can I ask under the freedom of information how much they have claimed against my name for which they have done nothing

    1. Mike Sivier

      I can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t ask, so go ahead. There’s no data protection issue as it is about you, if I understand the law correctly. Any experts?

    2. AM-FM

      I hope Mrs. E. knows she has to go to JCP NOW for any out of work benefit, and it has nothing to do with her 20th Feb. appointment.

      The WP won’t get any bonus (~£1200) until you’ve completed 6 months work, just the £400 attachment fee, slim pickings – which is why they’re all going out of business, thank goodness.

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