All repeat WCA medicals to be stopped

This is VERY interesting for Mrs Mike and myself, as she has been waiting for a repeat medical assessment since April last year (according to DWP) (who didn’t tell us anything at the time).

10 thoughts on “All repeat WCA medicals to be stopped

  1. Ash Martin

    Welcome as this is, the other side of the coin is trying to get the ********s to reassess people who have come within the Support Group after a previous WRAG assessment. We can’t ease off now….

  2. redmaggs

    This such good news – especially for this lady who posted this on one of my FB groups today
    “i have not heard about this, i should be having my second medical any day know. the thought terrifies me. i had such an horrendous time last time. money stopped for 8weeks, whillst they sorted it? baillifs at my door as i cudnt pay bills. in the end i took an overdose. it was only the CAB that got things sorted when i went to appeal and won my case. the thought of going through this trama again terrifies me.”

    1. Mike Sivier

      “Only the CAB that got things sorted”.
      Here in Powys, tomorrow, the county council will decide whether to cut funding to the local CAB, to such an extent that it will not be able to function.
      It’s vital that this does not happen.

  3. Karen Hazel Bradshaw

    Could I possibly ask for some advice? I have been through this system once, and eventually won my appeal. My second assessment is early in March, should I contact Atos about the validity of the second assessment, or do I have to go through it all again?

    Any advice you may be able to offer will be very greatly appreciated.

    1. Mike Sivier

      This is interesting, as it has been suggested that all Atos re-assessments have been suspended. If I were you I’d contact Atos to make sure it’s still taking place!

  4. julie

    I sent my ESA 50 off on 21 Jan /14 the deadline was the 28 will I still be called for a medical. Been in drag group for two years have had three medicals always passed and placed in drag? Had no reply its been 5 weeks now

      1. julie

        Yes it is a repeat application as my current 12 month drag was due to end on 29th Feb I’ve had three medicals in last two years. Thanks for the reply I hope your right and I don’t get called for another

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