6 thoughts on “Immigration, the Conservatives and the Nazis

  1. MrsSmith

    I have ME/severe depression and been on Incapacity benefit for several years, then ESA. The ESA ran out after 12 months (February 2013)but before then, I had a head injury and developed eyesight problems. Completed another ESA50 form in December 2012, finally lost at appeal in December 2013. Not had any money since February 2013 and not entitled to anything else. Had to sign on for JSA in January 2014 but JCplus refused to take my claim because I was too ill to work! Currently not sick enough for ESA (according to DWP) but too sick for JSA (according to DWP). I’ve been ‘disappeared’ from the figures.

    1. Malcolm Burt

      This article only deals with immigration Thomas M..I think you`ll find striking similarities between our workfare & work capability programmes & the Nazis Aktion T4 programme.One is a lot more subtle than the other,but the end result is the same.People have died & will die just as they did back then.

  2. hugosmum70

    with a name like shapps this does not surprise me. wondering if somewhere in his lineage his name was changed.. say from schapps? or even schnapps.lol,.

  3. nigel simmons

    Although deemed not Politically Correct an analogy between some of Hitler’s Policies and those of Thatcher and carried through to this day is by no means out of context .We have been indoctrinated that Hitler was Evil ,Despotic ,Totalitarian a Drug Addict and Amassed a Fortune but not to use his name and associate anything British with it .
    I am not a fan of Hitler or Thatcher ,this is an informative unbiased post .
    We introduced the first Concentration Camp in the Boar war .We Raped and Pillaged 75% of the World and Controlled it .Cameron introduced the Liverpool Care Pathway which just medicated patients without food to ‘Die in Dignity ‘ . Hitler ordered a Programme of Euthanasia for the disabled.
    Hitler had an Enormous amount of surplus Labour from Conquered Countries ,so he utilised this Free Labour for his War Effort . Hitler and his top cohorts ,Goring ,Himmler ,Goebbels ,Hess and others shared most of the Foreign spoils between them and Privileged Friends Hitler was a Drug Addict his personal Doctor Morrell would inject him on a daily basis with opiates accumulating in a daily cocktail of drugs .Perhaps if his judgement was not impaired at times he might have won the War.
    Today’s Modern Britain under Tory Doctrine from Thatcher to Blair and now Cameron .Workfare – free Labour ,Privatisation of Public Services ,Closed Court Procedures ,Legal Aid virtually Abolished, Food Banks the Public left to Feed the Public ,Poverty ,Homelessness ,Public Protection Police – Post code Lottery ,NHS waiting lists – Post code Lottery .Council Tax Frozen under Tories but introduction of Bedroom Tax .Hitler Robbed a Fortune but you have Robbed us of our Dignity ,Belief in our Country and Social cohesion .Cameron the only Logical conclusion concerning your Morality – it is on a par with Hitler’s .
    Cameron ,Osborne ,Smith & Grayling especially we are not that gullible we fall for the old adage “tell a simple lie often enough and it will be believed” .

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